Saturday, June 6, 2009

Who knew? "paranormal state" COULD go lower!

regarding the new PS season in an earlier entry, i had pondered: "how much lower CAN they go?"

it looks like we have our answer!

episodes one and two of season three are more of the same:

no evidence of anything remotely paranormal,

introducing more technology which does absolutely nothing to prove anything - though at least this is actual technology (radar), not paranormal poser props like god hats or talking boxes/ovals,

using families which likely have pre-existing "issues" which could be pinned less on paranormal and more on psychological,

and TA-DA - exploiting a child - an autistic one this time.

at least they didn't actually show this child's face on camera. though they were, as usual, ever so helpful to any wackos out there in providing the names of the kids on the show and the cities in which they live.

and, oh yeah! on the autistic child episode PRS trots out another "expert".

hooray! we can add another name to the paraceleb / Paranormal Poser Posse list!

Athena Drewes, is a child psychologist who coincidentally worked on psychic kids with chip and is a true believer in kids having paranormal experiences (cause she had them as a child too, dontcha know).

drewes even implies that autistic children are conduits for the paranormal, or that ghosts are attracted to them, or something like that.

oddly enough i can't seem to locate the university from where she obtained her PsyD....just like no one can find out where chip obtained HIS mysterious masters in psychology.

anyhoo -- here's my take on how much lower they can stay and/or go:

"Desperate Households" ep 3.1

well now, a prior ghost hunting team actually got mentioned AND featured on an episode of PSBS: mark with the NJ PN group!

and oh my! what "compelling and legitimate" (using chad the PRS tech's words) evidence this other PN group provided to the PRS team:

an EVP which is CLEARLY native american. (more like hear-what-you-want jibberish)
(there is a pre-existing and well known, easily accessed legend about the clients home and some native american bones. i'm sure that had no influence on anyone's preconceived notions, least of all michelle, mark, or chad's. ;) )

and "compelling and legitimate" evidence number two -- video of a ghost head!!
looked to me like someone's finger on the camera lens. ((if you look closely enough, you can actually see (in the black to the left where the "ghost head" is cut in half) the cut-off line of the frame. it's someone's fingertip in the shot. no no, it's a ghost head!!!!))


so here we have yet another family (catholic) where the initially "haunted" person has some issues and most probably exerted a lot influence on the rest of the family, impressionable children included.

no mention was made of EMF research. i wonder if there was any (considering the possibility of EMF sensitivity.) well no, silly me -- that would defeat the purpose of attributing absolutely everything on the show to ghosts or demons.

i must say, michelle belanger's "sensing movement up and down" on a staircase was almost as good as chip asking if there was an upstairs when he was right by a staircase....

i'm sure that the scary, scary shadow chad saw (is he the new GH brian btw? he seems quite excitable!) couldn't possibly have been from a sound boom or an AE camera person.

it was most definitely the ghost of mr. riley.

i love how all the people they interview exhibited a prior knowledge of the house's history - the clients even admitted that they'd researched it online. i bet it never occurred to michelle to do that, her carefully-included proclamation that she had no prior knowledge of the case not withstanding.

RyRy sums it up so well in his Final Director's Log:

"There is Clear Evidence that Julie is experiencing a haunting."

we'd have it no other way, ryry! and i'm sure PRS wouldn't either!

PS - all that fancy ground radar with the big circle pointing north -- WHAT OF IT?? nothing. absolutely nothing.

"Laws of Attraction" ep 3.2

it's good to see they didn't actually show the child on TV at length. maybe PRS or AE or both are learning their lesson about child exploitation. or maybe the mom had enough forethought to not allow it.

just so everyone knows, the words the mom quotes the child as saying are "creepy boy dead scary"

and the newest member of the paraceleb paranormal posse "child psychologist" Athena Drewes states that autistic kids are prone to paranormal experiences. i wonder if all of the official autism research entities and researchers are aware of this. i'm sure it would be ever so helpful in finding a cure/cause for autism. we can now blame autism on the ghosts and demons, just like PRS and company!

i'm guessing this family is also catholic (crucifix on a hallway wall) though it was never actually mentioned in the episode.

we have a family who had already contacted a psychic a YEAR ago. this psychic told them (will wonders never cease!) the same thing LoRay ends up telling them (that the spirit of a disfigured handicapped boy is "drawn" to the autistic child.)

i'm sure no one in PRS or in AE production mentioned ANY of that to Loray. RyRy quite distinctly told us that he hadn't told LoRay anything and that she had no prior knowledge. i think tony spera must have driven there using Loray's psychic abilities, to not have an address of the house!

once again we have one single family member quite likely having some psychological influence over other family members -- what with having told all of them something paranormal or bad is going on - her son, her mom, her sister.

i wonder if the sister has ever researched sleep paralysis.

no - no! of course not!!! it was a ghostly demonic vacuum cleaner toy coming out of a cold evil closet!!!!

quick! call in LoRay (and her trusty assistant-slash-chauffeur Tony Spera!)

gosh, i think the scariest part was when the LOOSE headboard that katrina WAS LEANING AGAINST moved! i got chills, i tell ya!

at the end, ryry and his trusty team of tender-hearted yet often tentative troopers...make that "warriors" --- do some sort of a cleansing, or spell, or whatever it is that they do at the end of most episodes and voila! the family moves back into their home! (prior to contacting PRS, the family had supposedly 'abandoned' the home due to the extent of the paranormal activity, though the home looked quite well lived in and taken care of to me.)

happy endings are always the fruit of PRS' labor! the warriors triumph over evil yet again!!

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