Saturday, June 6, 2009

Now THIS is ironic....

I started to put stuff on this blog as a reaction to the rampant censorship that follows anyone around who isn't on the PRS Party Bus. I wanted to show support for the people who have been speaking out against the ubiquitous flim-flam going on in paranormal television shows like Paranormal State, Psychic Kids and Ghost Hunters.

I have talked about the censorship that is fairly common at the actual A$E forums. They have always been pretty strict with anything which involves expressing opinions on the motives and measures used by a few of their paranormal TV "stars" -- the entire PRS Paranormal Posse.

Now it would appear that someone, could have been any one or number of the posse OR the rabid fan base, has pushed A$E into an actual LOCKDOWN of all three of the PRS forums. No one can post without prior moderation.

It's interesting to note that they left the Psychic Kids forum unlocked -- probably because it's suffered such a lack traffic since the show ended (and who can NOT appreciate the end of that show and its child exploitation for Chip Coffey's career). They must have wanted to push people onto that forum to give Chip a boost. I guess he's been having a tough time of it lately what with all of the blogs and groups really getting into the spirit of speaking out against his media whoooring diva self.

So, this black cloud of censorship that follows folks who dare speak out against PRS, Chip Coffey, Lorraine Warren, Chris Moon and any number of the other PRS Paranormal Posse around is now hovering over the A$E forums in force.

What's really ironic is there are several A$E shows which generate serious controversy, but it's Paranormal State and Psychic Kids "stars" who can't handle the jabs and jeers that their melodramatic and sophomoric efforts have inspired in a majority of the viewing public.

It's gonna be interesting to see what kinds of lame things they come up with in their next set of shows -- what's gonna top the most recent Chip channelings, possessions, UFOS and possessed musical intsruments???

How much lower CAN they go?

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