Saturday, June 6, 2009

"the Soul Collector" acc. to the Hon RevDrDK

this is yet another episode of "paranormal status-HO" that i did not watch, but the Hon RevDrDK has agreed to let me provide his synopsis.

Rev, you are witty and intelligent. chip just would hate you.

dolls...did you say dolls?? i'm still waiting for the God Warrior to make a guest appearance on this show. she'd be a smashing addition.


The Soul Collector-sounds like a Reggae or Death Metal band, not a creepy, down-at-the-hells Doll Museum. Where to begin ?

Yes, most dolls are inherently creepy. They've gained the horror movie status of clowns (My John Wayne Gacy original Clown painting smiles reassuringly down at me), especially when they look like Lowraine. Use the fish eye lens and cue the spooky dollhouse music.

When Rybot sets up The Demon Disco (or is it a Ghost Rave) with his $5 Radio Shack strobe light so's to get Chip all psychicked up, it makes me glad that they are having a "tech special" on each new episode. So Chip starts channeling an evil male entity. Lights flashing, and Chip ever so s-l-o-w-l-y slips off his scarf, and I can only think "Pole Dance ! Pole Dance!" We just need some Motley Crew blasting out. But no, it gets better. The Channeling Chip slowly winds the ends of his scarf strangulation style and tells RyRy that the spirit 'Wants me to strangle you." Oooh ! Rough play between our hero's ! I wonder what their "safe word" is. Belial ? Barbie ? And you know, many of us also wish we could strangle Rymuffin.

Once again, Chip cracks the case during DeadTime, intuiting that the souls collected are those of the daughter and the wife. I don't want to be a spoiler, so I wont mention several issues concerning The Man Of The House.

As an aside, several months ago on the BBC I saw a show about people (mostly women-sorry dames) that spend thousands of dollars (get it-doll ars ?) on these hyper creepy dolls called "ball joint dolls." They're very realistic in a fairy book kind of way and remind me of overly made up child corpses (that's probably something about me). There are international competitions and people that make a living "hot rodding" your BJ doll. All in all very creepy on a number of levels. Here is a website to check some out. It's worth googling just to see the variety of creepiness that's out there :

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