Saturday, June 6, 2009

"church of the damned" and "the firehouse"

here's my take on "church of the damned":,

did y'all notice they aren't putting time stamps on the regular video anymore [image] (just the FLIR).

this episode was replete with personal experiences (growls, shadows, bangs) (chad loves him some shadows!) but, per the usual, no evidence of anything paranormal is captured. the temperature drop was fairly impressive but not inexplicable in a broken down ramshackle building in topeka in winter.

i like how ry-ry addressed the way the FLIR froze right at the most dramatic moment and sergey pooh-poohs it away as FLIR cameras often reset when exposed to temperature fluctuations.

WTF? i thought the whole purpose of using FLIR was to be able to document temp differences? what good are they if they freeze up during a change? are there any FLIR experts out there who can corroborate this technical peculiarity? cuz the first thing i thought of when i noticed the freeze was EDITED!

now, here's something interesting: ry-ry has a camera on him like 99.2% of the time in the show, but there wasn't one on him when he was "pulled" down (supposedly by a demon).

what a bummer!

next thing you know, ryan goes comatose and it's chip to the rescue! chipster urges ry-ry to take a break, but ryan refuses. "i never walk out on a case!"

god, ryan buell is such a brave warrior! ::more groupies fainting::

once again, chip coffey is
100% accurate with his psychic divination that satanic rituals took place in that building. (or so we're told by a couple of townies that the crew dug up to corroborate chip's reading. or fuel them as the case may be.)

btw - i think they found ronnie the dad crying in the church because he'd had one too many ear piercings. or maybe just cause he was out of space for more holes?

the firehouse

what can i say?

woo hoo! go topher! go on with your bad self!
with...whatever it is you are doing on the show!

well folks, ONCE AGAIN PRS targets peeps who've experienced recent familial trauma, psychological issues, grief etc etc etc.

of course, no one KNEW about any of this ahead of time. certainly not chip!

chip is once again 100% accurate! i just DON'T understand why chip coffey doesn't take up the randi challenge....or at least offer to wow the skeptics with free readings. i mean, dang -- with THAT kind of accuracy chip could surely be making some believers out of skeptics AND stop exploiting children.

you know, when the girl client gets closed-mouthed about the death of joe, i immediately thought suicide. I MUST BE PSYCHIC!!!!

chip senses "lots of movement" in a ballroom. awesome! simply stunning!

chip gets downright vicious with poor jason. (who chip? vicious?? say it isn't so!) but then he gets all kindly again and we realize he's back to the cuddly chipples who helps people.

hmmm, let's see -- a small town in new jersey. a "haunted" firehouse that was the site of the suicide of one of the firemen.

i don't suppose that was common knowledge around town or anything. there's no way the AE producers dug up all of that info ahead of time and provided it to PRS (and chip).

absolutely NO WAY.

i'm sure that's what topher would tell us if he were to get more speaking parts on the show...

addendum -- apparently topher is no longer with PRS and has declared himself a skeptic.

welcome to the sane side, topher.

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