Friday, December 4, 2009

This Paranormal TV Bullshite is NeverEnding.

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i just saw an ad on the ANIMAL PLANET and they're gonna devote a series to HAUNTED ANIMALS for chrissakes. i suppose it was bound to happen, i mean there are already shows about "pet psychics", right?

i just googled and found where someone was shilling for the show on an internet forum back in july09 -- (contrary to what the paranormal state show tells us in their intro about how they only show the most serious cases of the "hundreds" they've "investigated" in the past, this is actually how these shows get their content - by advertising on internet forums, craig's list, email blasts. and by advertising on the networks' own websites, of course.)

"haunted" animals and houses don't scare me - i'm scared because i just saw that the science channel is owned by the same idiots who run these other networks and who put out a good bit of the televised moronic paranormal trash. i had always held out hope that the science channel was a lone bastion of rational, intelligent programming standing firm in a sea of supernatural sewage. now i'm worried what they might start airing on that channel in the name of "science".

what's even scarier is just how stupid the people are who actually believe all of the crap that's getting shoveled their way - and just how many of them there are out there.

while there is proof that animals/insects have "invisible" ways of sensing/navigating in their environments(ie pheromones, infrasonic frequencies, magnetic field detection) -- there is to date no proof that spirits, demons even exist and there is CERTAINLY no proof that people, much less animals, can see or communicate with anything "paranormal".

speaking of infrasound, this might very well be one reason why people think they see/hear/feel "paranormal" things...