Tuesday, June 23, 2009

wanna get your kid to brush the teefs?

please don't show your children shadows and tell them ghosts and demons are attacking.
show them ultra-magnification videos of everyday things instead.
show 'em this.

the guy's voice makes me sleepy, but what an educational and enlightening series of videos for children (as opposed to watching "psychic kids" featuring chip coffey.)

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Monday, June 22, 2009

psychics -- just when you thought you'd heard it all

little psychic shops, psychic 900 numbers, psychic readings via the internet, psychic gallery readings, psychics on TV shows --- we now have Psychic Party Businesses. those psychics, they certainly are one marketing savvy bunch.


the things those celebrities waste their bazillions of dollars on -- go figure. George Clooney has hired a psychic to help him contact his dead pig. i'm not kidding.

The Leatherheads star is still mourning the loss of his beloved potbellied pet Max, who died in 2006, and asked a medium to get in touch with the swine.

George reportedly told a friend: "The psychic told me Max had a great life with me. He is very happy in spirit and still hangs out with me sometimes.

i love this one -- it's an interesting and somewhat entertaining reversal of roles in that the psychic is the one who gets scammed (and didn't see it coming):

The former bookkeeper of an internationally known psychic from Dorset has agreed to plead guilty in court to federal felony charges levied against her by prosecutors who say she executed a scheme to swindle roughly $200,000.

Denise Hall of East Arlington faces one count of wire fraud and one count of filing a false tax return after investigators with the U.S. Attorney's office say she stole money from self-proclaimed spiritual medium Rosemary Altea — using four credit cards to obtain cash advances, forging checks and giving herself unauthorized electronic paychecks all under Altea's name for the past seven years, according to court records.

She faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a fine up to $250,000 for wire fraud and a maximum three years in prison and an additional $250,000 fine for filing the false tax information.

Along with the charge filed Wednesday is a plea agreement, signed by Hall, stating "the defendant represents that she intends to plead guilty because she is, in fact, guilty of the crimes with which she is charged."

No court date was available.

Prosecutors claim Hall is responsible for embezzling and diverting between $120,000 and $200,000 from Altea between early 2001 and the middle of 2008, according to federal prosecutors.

i have to wonder how much money this psychic has scammed from people over the years and am marveling at the irony of this situation. at least SOME psychic frauds DO end up doing jail time...search "psychic fraud" on your favorite news aggregator or news search engine from time to time.

well, this is interesting --- on the JREF site jeff wagg states:

...it is hard to feel too much animosity for Denise Hall. After all, consider how Rosemary got the money in the first place.

A little poking around shows that Rosemary influenced one Llewella Day, a dying cancer patient in Vermont, and after one meeting, Ms. Day donated her $750,000 farm to Rosemary under the condition that it remain a farm with structures intact. This last-minute change of will surprised and angered Ms. Day's family, who took Rosemary to court, and sadly lost.

In celebration of her legal victory, Rosemary demolished the farm buildings and house to create a "healing center." Which brings to mind the obvious admonition: Rosemary, heal thyself.

reading that just made me wish the employee had gotten away with it -- and taken more money.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

WARRIORS who HELP people

anyone who's been following the paranormal media saturation for a couple of years (a plethora of paranormal programming) will notice the accompanying rash of "events" and conventions that go hand-in-hand with paranormal "stardom".

people who do these TV shows create and/or participate in money-making gatherings of all sorts across the country.

the ever-enterprising ryan buell has recently teamed up with chad calek (or chad has fortuitously latched onto ryan buell) for a MOVIE. they're calling it "american ghost hunters". stop your eye-rolling. stop it! you must read on!

now, chad has been hosting these paranormal posse shindigs for some time now -- as the organizer, i'm sure he makes a hefty little kickback.

but just check out what those money-sniffing little hounds at PRS (and now AGH) have lined up in the coming months:


in june, some riverboat gambling/birthday bash thing in Iowa

in july, some bullshit in selma alabama "hunt for jesse james"
with shpeshul guest chip coffey doing 'gallery readings' - ooo la la!

in august, "dead and breakfast" at the thomas house inn in tennessee
(michelle, chip AND loray are gonna be at that one)

in september, something about "deadwood" and the bullock hotel -- i see chip's pic on that flyer, too.

in october, in colorado -- the stanley hotel

i don't have the ticket prices handy - but what do you want to make a bet they're hefty? most past events are usually WELL over $200. interestingly enough, they never seem to put the ticket prices where they're easily found.

i guess seeing those kinds of prices right off the bat might scare the poor paranormal sheeple worse than chip cursing his demon speak at little old lorraine warren (LoRay).

wow, those warriors. they sure do love "helping" people. (right out of their hard-earned cash)

it's interesting how they especially enjoy helping people who run hotels and entertainment venues.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

'Devil's Nest'

i can't do it, once again i can't manage to watch another episode of this show, i know, i know -- i'm missing some of the Best Parody Evuh -- but once again, thankfully the RevDr comes thru -- this show is hideous in it's wanton parody factor and i keep finding myself frozen with ennui.

all i can type is "shrug" and "did chip wear a new scarf?"

people are laughing about this show all over the globe and i am starting to find it too stupid to watch.

so, i haven't been watching lately. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz---waaah?

i promised Rev i'd watch and co-review, but after i read his review i once again didn't feel the need to subject myself to the idiocy of this television show....

sorry Rev!

once again, the review is all on the RevDr - and what a review it is, as usual.

((i keep telling revDr a book is in order!))

THANK you rev, you present it like no one else!

i can't wait til someone comes up with some really good YouTube parodies...this show and all of its idiotic "ghost hunting" devices, chip coffey, michelle belanger....the parody factor is sky-high.


"The Devils Nest."

What ? Little Devil. Big PaPaBob in cheap waders. Pinky rings. Hamster scratches. Cross Dressing Hillbillies. (Jesus: The Original Cross Dresser). Ryan in mortal fear. Elfie in Humphrey Bogart Drag. Chip:wrong but so Right. Take me to the river (but only part way).

It all begins when Dad of a family of 4 (I believe) starts off describing the worlds most stealthy, slow motion patty-cake attack by a werewolf . He's wide awake but cain't move-classic hypnagogic sleep- while this were-creature scratches him up like a psychotically wielded loofah. Right next to him, his wife sleeps on, ignorant of his fearsome exfoliation. His teenage stepson suffers from similar dermabrasion. It's some kind of Demonic health-spa. They have the photos to prove it. Their scratches make Lara6's look like serious contusions.

They bring in the sketch artist to get a rendering of this fiend. It ends up looking like Bill O'Reilly in a mangy squirrel suit. (Is that redundant ?) Pinata !!

Dad's afeared that the weresquirrel is going to get tired of him & go after the kids. Mom, who looks about as world weary as possible, is in tears a lot. There are unspecified goings on & the usual. By the way, this is in a cool looking little rustic cabin of unknown age. Rattling doorknobs, opening doors, spooky noises & shadows. What is it with PRS and shadows ? What is so damn creepy about a shadow ? Especially when their are several light sources. Speaking on not-so-light-sources, poor Katrina is nearly dispatched by---a falling camera ! Yikes ! There is also an upright piano that does its thing know & then. Ryan asks if it's like someone pressing notes on it or what ? Ryan-you press a KEY that produces a TONE. A note is the written expression of a particular tone, Schmucko.

Chip comes over and does a house reading. Mmmn. He gets a female entity. Strange, I think, since it's just been the weresquirrel thus far & he seems male. 2 men are suffering. Chip pantomimes claws and says "Wolf." Yes, 2 men being pestered by a werewolf. Fortunately Sergei talks to a werewolf "expert." She explains that one doesn't do the big Hollywood morphing thing. People who are allegedly able to create an "energy envelope" of wolf like energy and appear wolf like to lookers on. Oh, so that's how that works. I always wondered.

Next, we get a little back story from the woman that owns & rents out the cabin. Is she a piece of work. Smarmy, smirky, condescending and quite pleased with herself. Of course her name is Laverne. She plays Rybort (say-he & Elfie should sign up for a facial with the wereloofah) beautifully, feeding him just enough information. I don't know if it's the editing, but it seems like he needs to go back to her to elicit information several times. Mom built the cabin (literally ?). Her beloved brother Rocko lived there. Rocko committed suicide. Astutely, Ry asks if he was depressed. Yes, we must distinguish between those people who are screamingly happy and those that are abysmally depressed who commit suicide.It was an overdose. After Momma died. Getting information from Laverne is like pulling teeth.

After all is said & done, it turns out Rocko was a Drugged up Drag Queen.MY GOD ! Chip was so right after all-it is a feminine entity after all. (This would have been a better case for Michelle) All tore up about Momma, Rocko gets all Ed Gein and starts a Devil worshipping-seance-having-pentagram-drawing-x-dressing-drug 'n sex-partying free for all. Ryan looks like he's about to soil his underoos.

Big door opening ! Big ratings !

Unfortunately, we don't get a reaction from Chip. It probably takes him back to his youth. Jumping Jesus, is Ryan ever wigged ! No wonder there's been so much demonic behavior, what with all this iniquity and naughtiness going on. (As an aside, I would have been proud to live in a Hillbilly Hellhole such as this. Now that's some story !) Laverne just smirks knowingly all along. She lends Rybert a pinky ring that she saved from Rocko-did I mention we get to see several pictures of Rocko in drag ?

But then Ryan must confront the Father of the family. He ain't coming clean. What hideous secret is he keeping away from Rymond ? It turns out that when he was in 5th grade (what would that make him-13 ?) a no good friend of his got him all into werewolves. They made a very special 5th grade Faustian deal with SATAN that they would give up there souls if Satan would turn them into werewolves when they died!!!

So, in comes PaPaBob to do a house cleaning.

Hey, he's a religious Verminator here to shoo away the Bill O'reilly loofah wielding weresquirrel. Latinating, cussing in Jesus's name, challenging demons, casting out, holy water dispensing, crying, weeping, Ryan yelling-you know, the regular megillah. Ryan waves around Rocko's pinky ring like it's some kind of beacon to Rocko's slightly conflicted spirit. But wait. The silliness has not reached its blood curdling climax yet.

Turns out Dad's long figured that he owes god a little something special, something a little extra. He's talked to his personal preacher man & he figures that to show God he really means it, it's time for a full riparian endrenchment John the Baptist let us gather by the river full immersion baptism. Something God could relate to. Ryan thinks that would be nice-the least you could do, you little pact with the devil making brat.

Cut to the final scene-Dad and PaPaBob wearing cheap plastic waders in the thigh high water of the river.Bobs rather blimp-like torso cuts a dashing ecumenical figure in his green plastic waders. Bob says whatever it is you say and dribbles water on Dad's head. Let's hope it's not runoff from a tailing pond from a local coal mine.

& That's it for Season 3. I'm sure I missed something, so when they re-run this episode you really owe it to yourself to watch it. It's worth the hour of your time & unlike last weeks episode you won't feel like taking a shower after watching it.

I'm thinking of writing a movie treatment about the whole Mom Laverne & Rocko story. It's got bofo box office written all over it, don't you think ? Humor. Music. Pathos. Dancing. Dead Moms. X Dressing Ghosts. Or maybe a TV pitch.

Call it Laverne & Squirelly.

several more "paranormal state" reviews

i just haven't been able to bring myself to watch this show anymore -- thank you Rev for taking the HIT for me and everyone else who is sick of this show.

speaking of taking a hit -- did anyone read ryan buell's blog about 420 day and the issue of legalizing MJ ? it was interesting that ryan had a recent trip to amsterdam.

many are wondering if he has rastafarian roots......

once again, the summaries in this entry are all from the inimitableRevDrDk.

his new slogan should be: Rev watches PS so we don't have to.

thank you Rev for your hilarity and diligence in documenting the complete crap that is "paranormal state" for us, and doing it in a way that makes it funny instead of completely idiotic as it often is when watching the actual show!

most people who can still stand to watch it likely vacillate between laughing, throwing things at the TV in sheer disgust, or turning it off and going to watch the grass grow instead.


The Anniversary

In this episode we seem to have another peripatetic spirit. The little girl haunting the newly built house was murdered several miles away, in what I remember to be Southwest - damn, I can't remember the state. Virginia ? Anyway, she was raped and murdered by someone not of her family, as I believe is the custom round them parts.

The Grandma of the haunted house says the girl has a round face. in a subsequent photo we are shown, I would say the girl has an angular face. Bur, Grannie did pick her out of a photo lineup. The sketch artist came up with what looked like Howdy Doodee in drag. (A Filipino friend of mine told me that when he first moved to the US he had a hard time keeping white people straight, "Because you all look like Howdy Doodee.")

The young miss of the haunted house, Sierra, is quite the fashion plate, wearing just the right TJ Max specials to fit the mood of Dead Time. She even got her own 'cam.

Personally, I found the scariest thing in this episode to be Michelle B's hairdo. Kind of a Jo Anne mushroom top. Not flattering on anybody, but especially not her with her big ol' haid.

Once again, the psychic's reading was suspiciously close to the information the kids got at the local museum. Spookily close, one might say.

All in all though, one of the more witchy episodes.


Room 36 (or whatever it was)

Man, was this one a boring splotch. I hope the free advertising helped the cheesy bread & breakfast. One of my pet-peeves-I know many people use the term stomach flu-BUT THERE"S NO SUCH THING ! We all know what the flu is-a viral infection of the respiratory system. It can kill-usually via complications like pneumonia. The little girl allegedly named Sarah, we are told by the town historian, died during a flu epidemic. Somewhere else in the episode, someone tells Rybert that they have seen her holding her stomach, so later on, he makes the diagnosis, death by stomach flu (he should know that feeling squidgy & puking do not usually lead to death). Then there is some obnoxious old ghost-man who likes to whistle. Of course, Vamperilla Michelle (she puts the hell in Michelle) picks up pretty much perfectly on all this.

The scariest thing in this episode are the earrings. Katrina is wearing some multi-strand chain numbers (does someone watch QVC ?), the son of the propriaters has a couple blingy gold hoops and Cherry (Share-ree, I think) is wearing a pair the size of Kia hub caps. She also has such a Beehive (B-52) that it doesn't fit in the standard shots. You can only see its real grandeur when it's in a slightly longer shot. It's pretty spectacular & I'm glad to see it in 2009.

Katrina plays 2 games of hide & seek with Sarah (her favorite). The second one is cut up with other"spooky" shots as she counts to ten. Oh, the suspense is unbearable. Another scary movie cliche. Guess what ? Nothing happens (I guess Sarah's camera shy).

Michelle declares the spirits to be happy and suggests that they just get used to them and make up and be friends. A tacky ornament is hung up over room 36 that says "Sarah's Room." Every body is happy, the B&B gets free advertising. Every body can enjoy their earrings in comfort and safety.



The Raven

OH COME ON ! They're not even trying any more. If you have not watched this episode, you might want to skip this post. Nothing I could write would match the amazing train wreck of this one. It really is worth watching. It is by far the most inane PS yet.

Where to start ? Maybe some cruel ad hom attacks on the "victims." They're stuck in the '70s-most decidedly the hair. It's big. It's feathered. It's kind of a cross between '70s fern bar & Washington, DC helmet hair. I think Gov. Blagovovovitch of Illinois is their style consultant. Moms got an unmoving mass of a mane. And the home decorating is beamed in from somewhere in the 70's as well. How they do it, I don't know. Some kind of apportation.

The priest Bob Bailey is along-is he a part of Ry-ry's tool kit now ? Has he replaced Chipper as Ry's BFF ? Lowrain is there, like a shriveled up little Victorian applehead doll. Michelle is on the phone. Dr. Parapsychologist even makes an appearance.

My girl Heather gets to wear The Device of the Week this time. It's a nice sleep mask with red lights over the eyes that flash every 5 seconds. It's supposed to wake you up enough that you can have "lucid" dreams. I don't know about you, but an eyesocket disco is not going to let me get any sleep. I don't think Heathy obtains the desired results.

Mom is quite histrionic. She has seen a Raven (one of my favorite animals). She has been choked and heard demonic voices. Now this is where it gets really good-the entire family is terrified-TERRIFIED !- by potpourri "balls". Now I know you will say, "In that case, where is Chip ?" This poor family is being fragrantly tea-bagged by a poltergeist. The little potpourri balls go flying all over the house. The horror, the horror.

Quoth the Raven , "Lest you see your entire family slayed
Get yourself some plug in Glade."

Mom, in tears (as she is most of the time) tells Ryborg that "God doesn't give us more than we can stand." But she's had all she can stand & she cans't stand no more. (I've often wondered about this saying about "More than we can bear." Surely victims of witch trials, guests of the Inquisition, Nazi death camps, Pol Pot [Pol Potpourri ?], etc., would beg to differ.) All this because of air born room fresheners.

Lowraine intuits that there is a health problem going on that has something to do with things-a classic cold reading technique.She also informs us that puberty is often the cause of poltergeist activity. Well, almost, Lowrain. The Lady of the house admits, somewhat petulantly, that she is having, "Womanly problems." In a flash, RyRy's on to it-"Menopause !" he cries almost joyfully.

According to Michelle (who should know, what with the hormone treatments, etc.) this could make Mom a "Nexus" of PK energy. Rybert explains this to the troops, including Elfie, who is dressed like a dwarf Stevie Ray Vaughn in drag.

During deadtime, as Heather lays in the master bed with her flashing sleep mask, we hear a "plink" just as Mom is having a meltdown in the living room.ryan's yelling, Father Bob is bobbing and Mom is yelling-it's all quite a tsimmis and a fury. It turns out that a potpouri ball had "apported" right through the wall, thanks to the PK generated by Moms yelping (and hot flashes ?) and attacked my dear Heather.

Earlier in the show, Mom describes that as she was being choked, she heard a demonic voice in her ear growling "Malthus." Surge, Ryan and Lowraine all looked spooked and hastily excuse themselves. They check a lapttop. It appears that Wikipedia has a listing for a demon named Malthus. He comes as a crow. He speaks in a growly voice. Oh, the shock ! But, no matter, Rybert decides that this is not a demonic case for some reason.

Of course, I thought of my fellow Rev, Thomas Robert Malthus. We should all remember him (1766-1834) from High School biology class as the Englishman who first postulated population dynamics. Here's the Wikipedia entry for him (is everybody getting sick of my Wikipedia postings ?) :

For the demon, see Malthus (demon).
Thomas Robert Malthus Classical economics

Thomas Robert Malthus
Birth February 13, 1766(1766-02-13)
(Surrey, England)
Death December 23, 1834 (aged 68)
(Bath, England)
Nationality British
Field demography, macroeconomics, evolutionary economics
Influences Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Jean Charles LĂ©onard de Sismondi
Opposed William Godwin, Marquis de Condorcet, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, David Ricardo
Influenced Charles Darwin, Francis Place, Garrett Hardin, John Maynard Keynes, Pierre Francois Verhulst, Alfred Russel Wallace, Karl Marx, Mao Zedong
Contributions Malthusian growth model

The Reverend Thomas Robert Malthus FRS (13 February 1766 – 23 December 1834) was a British scholar who did influential work in political economy and demography. Malthus used his middle name Robert, though work after his lifetime often refers to him as Thomas Malthus.

Malthus came to prominence for drawing attention to the potential dangers of population growth: "The power of population is indefinitely greater than the power in the earth to produce subsistence for man". As an Anglican clergyman, Malthus saw this situation as divinely imposed to teach virtuous behaviour: he regarded optimistic ideas of social reform as doomed to failure. He thus presented to the reader a dystopian, negative, view of the world, in contrast to the eutopias of writers such as Rousseau and William Godwin. A disaster occurring as a consequence of population growth outstripping resources is known as a Malthusian catastrophe.

Malthus placed the longer-term stability of the economy above short-term expediency. He criticised the Poor Laws and (alone among important contemporary economists) supported the Corn Laws, which introduced a system of taxes on British imports of wheat. He thought these measures would encourage domestic production, and so promote long-term benefit.

Malthus became hugely influential, and controversial, in economic, political, social and scientific thought. Many of the later evolutionary biologists read him,[6] particularly Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace, for whom Malthusianism became an intellectual stepping-stone to the idea of the survival of the fittest.[7][8] Malthus remains a writer of great significance.

So, after all this Paranormal help, we are informed that the potpourri balls are still flying, but no Ravens have been seen. I guess the family enjoys the poltergeist (Raven based: Poultrygeist) activity. My big question is : Why don't they just get rid of the horrid little things ? Lemony freshness or not. Sheesh


so there you have it.

just for kicks -- you can check out this recent review of PS from slant - i thought 2 1/2 stars out of four was very, very generous:

"the Soul Collector" acc. to the Hon RevDrDK

this is yet another episode of "paranormal status-HO" that i did not watch, but the Hon RevDrDK has agreed to let me provide his synopsis.

Rev, you are witty and intelligent. chip just would hate you.

dolls...did you say dolls?? i'm still waiting for the God Warrior to make a guest appearance on this show. she'd be a smashing addition.


The Soul Collector-sounds like a Reggae or Death Metal band, not a creepy, down-at-the-hells Doll Museum. Where to begin ?

Yes, most dolls are inherently creepy. They've gained the horror movie status of clowns (My John Wayne Gacy original Clown painting smiles reassuringly down at me), especially when they look like Lowraine. Use the fish eye lens and cue the spooky dollhouse music.

When Rybot sets up The Demon Disco (or is it a Ghost Rave) with his $5 Radio Shack strobe light so's to get Chip all psychicked up, it makes me glad that they are having a "tech special" on each new episode. So Chip starts channeling an evil male entity. Lights flashing, and Chip ever so s-l-o-w-l-y slips off his scarf, and I can only think "Pole Dance ! Pole Dance!" We just need some Motley Crew blasting out. But no, it gets better. The Channeling Chip slowly winds the ends of his scarf strangulation style and tells RyRy that the spirit 'Wants me to strangle you." Oooh ! Rough play between our hero's ! I wonder what their "safe word" is. Belial ? Barbie ? And you know, many of us also wish we could strangle Rymuffin.

Once again, Chip cracks the case during DeadTime, intuiting that the souls collected are those of the daughter and the wife. I don't want to be a spoiler, so I wont mention several issues concerning The Man Of The House.

As an aside, several months ago on the BBC I saw a show about people (mostly women-sorry dames) that spend thousands of dollars (get it-doll ars ?) on these hyper creepy dolls called "ball joint dolls." They're very realistic in a fairy book kind of way and remind me of overly made up child corpses (that's probably something about me). There are international competitions and people that make a living "hot rodding" your BJ doll. All in all very creepy on a number of levels. Here is a website to check some out. It's worth googling just to see the variety of creepiness that's out there :


"Lady in White" acc. to the Hon. RevDrDk

sorry Rev, but i keep wanting to type the DisHon Rev.....

here is the RevDrDk's take on "The Lady in White". again, the Rev saves me from watching yet another useless episode of "paranormal state"....

my thanks to you RevDr for your humor and your letting me post your episode summary ;)


Man, this was by far the most boring PS yet. I guess The Ryling was illin' so Chad stepped up to the MC mic. What was Ry-Ry's mystery illness ? A little too much Chakra Helmet the night before ? I think the Elfster had more screen time than ever before.

I have to say, apart from the decorating, those were some cool-ass cabins our "Clients" lived in. They were probably the spookiest non-trailer dwellings yet. About the only "paranormal" stuff was some scraping that had "Pest Control" written all over it. As exterminator expert Elfie pointed out, rodents don't make noises at night. Well, except for mice, rats, squirrels, and all the other nocturnal animals like opossums, raccoons, bats, etc. The Warriors of Woo went on a perfunctory poop-patrol, & since they didn't find any do-do, well, it must be paranormal, right ?

Under "He Said It": Chad was pointing out some scary shadows on the computer screen that terrified him in his room during dead time. As he followed the shadow movement with his finger he said quite clearly, "Douche, douche, douche, douche." Say no more, wink wink, nudge nudge.

SPOILER ALERT--------------------Elfie, expert mineralogist (is there anything the Elfin One does not know ?) points out that there is-Gasp ! Horrors! Quartz scattered all around ! And after the Surge Protector contacts Dr. Paranormal, we find out that quartz is oh-so magical and can act as a paranormal, psychic recording medium, as Ryan describes it to the Clients, sort of like a Ghostie tape-loop. Of course, as seen in various time keeping devices, quartz has some kooky properties such as the piezo electric effect, and we know how much Dr. Paranormals love to take real science-such as quantum physics, electro-magnetism, etc., and half-bake it for their own pseudo scientific explanations. A quick google search provided this information:

"QUARTZ is undoubtedly the single most common mineral in the Earth's crust [see note], ranging from perhaps 12% of continental crust to as much as 50% of oceanic crust as indicated by the composition of spreading-ridge volcanic lavas. Some estimates place quartz at 21% of the Earth's total lithosphere."
Source and further information:
(Note: It seems that the *continental* crust was meant here)

So watch out what you say-the lithosphere is listening !

Possession -- the Sequel to "I am Six" (I am SEVEN!)


i know that's completely unoriginal, but it's quite fitting. this was one of the most melodramatic, badly acted, incredibly pretentious episodes to date -- and that's saying a lot given what we've seen from PRS and A$E in the last 15 months.

they start out someplace in kentucky, near the mississippi river (about 5 hours from where the "i am six" family lives in Quincy, Illinois.) there's supposedly a demon with ram horns living in a house down there. evidently it taunted some woman into committing suicide by drowning herself in the river. we know this because chip told us so.

chip coffey taped balls on his face -- yes he did! and headphones over his ears and was in contact with that nasty ole ram-horned demon.

(i'm still confused as to why chip needed the ping-pong balls and headphones, isn't he supposed to be psychic? i mean, he was ALREADY channeling the mean bad-arse demon before putting the balls on his face.)

well -- chip intones that his back is burning and he is six. (six of one, half dozen of another)

probably all too soon for chip's liking, chip's melodramatic camera time gets interrupted by chad kalek's melodramatic camera time. something about chad hearing "3 loud cracks".

i really didn't hear anything, but chad sure seemed scared, so it must have been quite gut wrenching.

and chad has a gut to wrench.

anyhoo -- quite out of the blue -- QUITE COINCIDENTALLY and by complete accident -- ry-ry gets a call from the "i am six" chick's mom that they are just having a really tough time of it up in illinois. the demon is back in their daughter.

well, I'LL BE!

ry-ry informs us via the normal captain kirk monologue that the demon must be using the river to travel and is hooting it up with both of these families.

who knew? a tom sawyer demon! with ram horns!

ryan fluffs off this kentucky family -- he gives them the media priest (hey, if you don't have myspace you're nobody!) and probably some blessed medals and high-tails it for illinois with chip and chad and the intrepid PRS gang in tow. he even calls in LoRay for backup....though i never really saw her do much of anything.

maybe LoRay brought some glass cases to capture the tom sawyer demon in so she could show it in her amytiville museum. she has one. i'm not kidding.

in illinois we find that same family from "i am six". the 26-27 year old woman lara looks a bit woozy, and someone has placed a band-aid over her eyebrow. i think that demon over-tweezed poor lara.

ryan goes into histrionics about saving the family. really bad-acting histrionics. it was almost as painful to watch as chip's bad acting. melodrama ensues. lots of loud screaming prayers. lots of choking from lara. ** i swear when ry-ry first started praying really loudly he looked like he was about to crack up laughing**

ryan DEMANDS that sergay break out the shakti helmet AND the ping pong balls with headset -- he is GOING IN, dammit! sergay balks, he's afraid for his dear leader. but ry-ry insists! he's a warrior!

it was TFF!

ryan-the-brave hears things (we don't), things touch him (of course they do) --- yadda yadda same ole same ole.

lots more loud screaming prayers from the whole gang.

there's a webcast prayer request from the basement (remember that?? we all knew it was a publicity stunt)

(i like this version)

the priest makes it up from kentucky - i'm assuming he didn't take a raft like the tom sawyer demon probably does.

more choking and gasping from lara -- ry-ry jumps in bed with her (dang, he looked a bit HANDSY - i'm wondering why momma-six didn't have some qualms over that.)

eventually, lara heaves a big sigh and all is well - and everyone lights up a smoke. oops, no just kidding about the smoke.

so all is well.....or IS it?

there's surely going to be an "i am eight".

so many of us predicted THIS sequel when we heard about the webcast prayer request from the basement.

there's probably going to be a book and a movie if ry-ry has his way.

what a bunch of media hooo-ers.

i could swear the dad in the family was just completely OVER the whole thing (being on TV, the melodramatics, the fact that his daughter is obviously ill -- most likely mentally and physically.)

poor family.

another one bites the PRS / A$E dust.

the "Drowning"

i caught the "Drowning" ep on youtube -- guess what, they have a new "guest investigator"! He's a former 'client' Jimmie from "Family Ties". A guy who is writing a book, or he already written it and is now trying to sell it.

Isn't that just speshul!

Wow, opening scene -- The whole family is standing outside in the rain when PRS arrives at 2 in the afternoon "because the activity has been so high".

I don't suppose the producers asked them to stand out there for dramatic effect or anything.

Two more very young children getting exploited - sickening.

Way to go PRS and A$E. Way to validate young childrens' fear and probably scare them even more in the process.

The sister 18 year old Gabrielle is the one who saw a boy with purple lips in her window. Guess what -- she was over posting at the AE forum, along with at least 3 brand spanking new posters who "saw something" in a window during playback of one of the scenes. She is stating in no uncertain terms that "It's a spirit" and she's getting in touch with Ry-Ry. More about that below.

Michelle Belanger immediately somehow knows that water is involved and a male presence is around. Sigh.


**begin bellaboo's version of an absurd paranormal play that actually aired on TV.**

Ry-Ry: "i command you to come forward now!"

Katrina: "All we need is one really loud sound."

Jimmie: "And we will leave you alone."

Yeah, right Jimmie -- it's Dead Time, remember?

Of course next we next hear some sort of rustling. remember, the whole A$E camera crew is in there with the PRS peeps, who are all miKed. What a shock that they capture sounds on cue.

Ry-Ry: "There's something up with the thermal cam."
We see a completely zoomed in area with no frame of surroundings reference whatsoever.

Ry- RY: "It's pulsing! Why is it pulsing? I think there is something behind the bathtub (curtain)!"

Tense PULSING heartbeat music...slow, dramatic hand reaches out for the revealing pull back.....hold it, hold it.....wait for it.....

Ry-Ry: "Nothing." "Alright, end of dead time."

Whew -- I was shaking in terror I tell you.

Surge explains the pulsing thermal cam effect.

Ry-Ry: "So it's not paranormal."

HOLY HOTBEDS of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY! They're getting the hang of the debunking thing!

**end bellaboo's version of an absurd paranormal play that actually aired on TV.**


anyhoo --

Pam the prior owner knows about a 2yr old drowning.
Kristina does "historical research" and the person helping her gets ONLINE and pulls up an article about a 13 year old drowning trying to save his brother. ]
The show chooses to blur out the article content/author and just show the headline. "13 year-old feared drowned in river"

FANTABULOUSLY SERIOUS PRS REGROUP discussion ensues where surge looks up the info ONLINE about a 3yr old drowning in 1989 "3 year-old drowns in South Creek".

Next they discuss the 1991 death of the 13 year old who jumped in to save his 15 year old brother.

Did I mention that all of this info is obviously from ONLINE?

Ry-Ry director's logs his way into stating that he's gonna need to discuss the PRS "findings" with the family, but we're interrupted by the little boy sensing a "presence" and being very afraid, even in a house full of people. They make him go to show them where he felt something. He's afraid and wants to leave.

The mom starts having an "episode" of some sort. The mom feels light headed, headachey and starts crying (in front of everyone including her kids)

Dramatic Director's Log break-in -- Ry-Ry informs us in his best capt. kirk tin-can voice that he needs to call in child psychologist Athena Drewes (remember her?!) due to the boy's "intense reaction" and the mom's "emotional response".

POOF! IMMEDIATELY = there's Athena! Asking the boy if he ever just tells them (the ghosts or the parents? :) ) to go away.

Athena sagely advises Ry-Ry: "He is very sensitive to his parent's feelings and reactions as kids are."

DUH!!!! YA THINK!?!?!?!

Now, this section of the show is where we are supposed to see the spirit in a door window that was brought up by no less than 3 brand new posters at A$E.

He is interviewing the child psychologist about her thoughts on the kid who keeps seeing the ghosts. There is a side door to the house in the background behind her and something appears in the bottom left corner of the window in the door. It appears very briefly as if to make a face at the camera and the run off.

I saw absolutely nothing other than Ry-Ry's shadow (He was pacing back and forth while she was talking) I played it back 3 times. Nothing.

Stupid ghosts. Evidently I can't see them in person OR on camera.

HOLY DEAD TIME! Ry-Ry, based on Ms Drewes advice, actually tells the parents something I've been pointing out all along, along with every other sane, rational person who has ever bothered to watch this show -- that the kids in these "cases" are getting cues from at least one parent around them.

HOLY PINK PONIES! We have PRS debunking AND offering plausible psychological factors for a "haunting" in a couple of the latest PS episodes.

I think i'm going to faint.

Ry-Ry wraps it all up and gives the kids walkie talkies and says empowering the boys by having them investigate may get rid of their fear or something like that (yay future PRS members! recruit those youngsters for the cult, RY-RY!)

"church of the damned" and "the firehouse"

here's my take on "church of the damned":,

did y'all notice they aren't putting time stamps on the regular video anymore [image] (just the FLIR).

this episode was replete with personal experiences (growls, shadows, bangs) (chad loves him some shadows!) but, per the usual, no evidence of anything paranormal is captured. the temperature drop was fairly impressive but not inexplicable in a broken down ramshackle building in topeka in winter.

i like how ry-ry addressed the way the FLIR froze right at the most dramatic moment and sergey pooh-poohs it away as FLIR cameras often reset when exposed to temperature fluctuations.

WTF? i thought the whole purpose of using FLIR was to be able to document temp differences? what good are they if they freeze up during a change? are there any FLIR experts out there who can corroborate this technical peculiarity? cuz the first thing i thought of when i noticed the freeze was EDITED!

now, here's something interesting: ry-ry has a camera on him like 99.2% of the time in the show, but there wasn't one on him when he was "pulled" down (supposedly by a demon).

what a bummer!

next thing you know, ryan goes comatose and it's chip to the rescue! chipster urges ry-ry to take a break, but ryan refuses. "i never walk out on a case!"

god, ryan buell is such a brave warrior! ::more groupies fainting::

once again, chip coffey is
100% accurate with his psychic divination that satanic rituals took place in that building. (or so we're told by a couple of townies that the crew dug up to corroborate chip's reading. or fuel them as the case may be.)

btw - i think they found ronnie the dad crying in the church because he'd had one too many ear piercings. or maybe just cause he was out of space for more holes?

the firehouse

what can i say?

woo hoo! go topher! go on with your bad self!
with...whatever it is you are doing on the show!

well folks, ONCE AGAIN PRS targets peeps who've experienced recent familial trauma, psychological issues, grief etc etc etc.

of course, no one KNEW about any of this ahead of time. certainly not chip!

chip is once again 100% accurate! i just DON'T understand why chip coffey doesn't take up the randi challenge....or at least offer to wow the skeptics with free readings. i mean, dang -- with THAT kind of accuracy chip could surely be making some believers out of skeptics AND stop exploiting children.

you know, when the girl client gets closed-mouthed about the death of joe, i immediately thought suicide. I MUST BE PSYCHIC!!!!

chip senses "lots of movement" in a ballroom. awesome! simply stunning!

chip gets downright vicious with poor jason. (who chip? vicious?? say it isn't so!) but then he gets all kindly again and we realize he's back to the cuddly chipples who helps people.

hmmm, let's see -- a small town in new jersey. a "haunted" firehouse that was the site of the suicide of one of the firemen.

i don't suppose that was common knowledge around town or anything. there's no way the AE producers dug up all of that info ahead of time and provided it to PRS (and chip).

absolutely NO WAY.

i'm sure that's what topher would tell us if he were to get more speaking parts on the show...

addendum -- apparently topher is no longer with PRS and has declared himself a skeptic.

welcome to the sane side, topher.

"room and board"

i must say, there are two SHOCKERS in this episode:
1) ry-ry actually says their findings are INCONCLUSIVE!
2) they are apparently NOT using a client who is dealing with psychological or other traumatic issues.

wow! so -- inconclusive -- even with all of those people pushing....i mean, lightly touching that ouija pointer around, and even with psychic michelle B's proclamation of "weird heavy energy" filling the place. i guess she's no chip, so ry-ry must not take her word for stuff as easily as he does chip's.

i loved how they waited to "shut the door" when they were outside, in the daylight. WTF??

dreamy deep moment of profound purpose: the shirtless warrior on his ry-ry cam stating "fear is here." can't you just see the fainting groupies!

"lady vampire"

aka - a child experiences typical childhood night terrors after a trauma (divorce, loss of father in the home). oh wait, that wouldn't make for good television.

i watched the DVR of this episode, it almost seemed to me like they DIDN'T show the child as much as they did in the original that was on youtube (ie, they used far away shots and back views)

lawsuit or not (apparently lawsuit according to someone who claims to be the mother from the episode who was featured at whofortedblog.com) i guess someone involved is starting to understand just how much people do NOT like to see young children exploited.

as for the scary attic crawlspace -- what child WOULDN'T find that scary???!!!! give me a BREAK. plus, there was a big ole honkin' water heater in there and i'm here to tell you that water heaters can make some noise. not to mention possibly give off EMFs.

that child was simply experiencing things that children everywhere have frequently at some point in their youth -- nightmares.

stress (like a bitter divorce and/or the loss of a parent) could certainly make the nightmares worse.

any psychologist worth their salt should have let that be known immediately. so i guess sarah sibasku with all of her leading questions to the child isn't worth her salt.

hey - who could resist the touching swingset scene where ry-ry bares his soul and lets us all know how much he appreciates being a warrior! i had to run and get a hanky...to spit in.

enter the psychic!
CJ Sellers proclaims "this is a child's room".
well yeah, what gave it away, the giant pink stuffed animal and/or the other toys?

ry-ry is wearing the shakti hat and says he hears humming.
why yes, ry-ry! it's the EMFs frying your brain!

sergey rubbing ry-rys back while he upchucked was so.....touching. and visions of pink ponies danced in his head.

once again we have the recurring PRS tactic of using a family that is obviously dealing with psychological issues and/or trauma -- and once again there is NO physical evidence of anything paranormal but ry-ry proclaims there is indeed a vampire lady haunting the little girl.

they yell at the black-haired, no make that saltnpeppa-haired entity - and voila! it goes away!

oh brutha.

Who knew? "paranormal state" COULD go lower!

regarding the new PS season in an earlier entry, i had pondered: "how much lower CAN they go?"

it looks like we have our answer!

episodes one and two of season three are more of the same:

no evidence of anything remotely paranormal,

introducing more technology which does absolutely nothing to prove anything - though at least this is actual technology (radar), not paranormal poser props like god hats or talking boxes/ovals,

using families which likely have pre-existing "issues" which could be pinned less on paranormal and more on psychological,

and TA-DA - exploiting a child - an autistic one this time.

at least they didn't actually show this child's face on camera. though they were, as usual, ever so helpful to any wackos out there in providing the names of the kids on the show and the cities in which they live.

and, oh yeah! on the autistic child episode PRS trots out another "expert".

hooray! we can add another name to the paraceleb / Paranormal Poser Posse list!

Athena Drewes, is a child psychologist who coincidentally worked on psychic kids with chip and is a true believer in kids having paranormal experiences (cause she had them as a child too, dontcha know).

drewes even implies that autistic children are conduits for the paranormal, or that ghosts are attracted to them, or something like that.

oddly enough i can't seem to locate the university from where she obtained her PsyD....just like no one can find out where chip obtained HIS mysterious masters in psychology.

anyhoo -- here's my take on how much lower they can stay and/or go:

"Desperate Households" ep 3.1

well now, a prior ghost hunting team actually got mentioned AND featured on an episode of PSBS: mark with the NJ PN group!

and oh my! what "compelling and legitimate" (using chad the PRS tech's words) evidence this other PN group provided to the PRS team:

an EVP which is CLEARLY native american. (more like hear-what-you-want jibberish)
(there is a pre-existing and well known, easily accessed legend about the clients home and some native american bones. i'm sure that had no influence on anyone's preconceived notions, least of all michelle, mark, or chad's. ;) )

and "compelling and legitimate" evidence number two -- video of a ghost head!!
looked to me like someone's finger on the camera lens. ((if you look closely enough, you can actually see (in the black to the left where the "ghost head" is cut in half) the cut-off line of the frame. it's someone's fingertip in the shot. no no, it's a ghost head!!!!))


so here we have yet another family (catholic) where the initially "haunted" person has some issues and most probably exerted a lot influence on the rest of the family, impressionable children included.

no mention was made of EMF research. i wonder if there was any (considering the possibility of EMF sensitivity.) well no, silly me -- that would defeat the purpose of attributing absolutely everything on the show to ghosts or demons.

i must say, michelle belanger's "sensing movement up and down" on a staircase was almost as good as chip asking if there was an upstairs when he was right by a staircase....

i'm sure that the scary, scary shadow chad saw (is he the new GH brian btw? he seems quite excitable!) couldn't possibly have been from a sound boom or an AE camera person.

it was most definitely the ghost of mr. riley.

i love how all the people they interview exhibited a prior knowledge of the house's history - the clients even admitted that they'd researched it online. i bet it never occurred to michelle to do that, her carefully-included proclamation that she had no prior knowledge of the case not withstanding.

RyRy sums it up so well in his Final Director's Log:

"There is Clear Evidence that Julie is experiencing a haunting."

we'd have it no other way, ryry! and i'm sure PRS wouldn't either!

PS - all that fancy ground radar with the big circle pointing north -- WHAT OF IT?? nothing. absolutely nothing.

"Laws of Attraction" ep 3.2

it's good to see they didn't actually show the child on TV at length. maybe PRS or AE or both are learning their lesson about child exploitation. or maybe the mom had enough forethought to not allow it.

just so everyone knows, the words the mom quotes the child as saying are "creepy boy dead scary"

and the newest member of the paraceleb paranormal posse "child psychologist" Athena Drewes states that autistic kids are prone to paranormal experiences. i wonder if all of the official autism research entities and researchers are aware of this. i'm sure it would be ever so helpful in finding a cure/cause for autism. we can now blame autism on the ghosts and demons, just like PRS and company!

i'm guessing this family is also catholic (crucifix on a hallway wall) though it was never actually mentioned in the episode.

we have a family who had already contacted a psychic a YEAR ago. this psychic told them (will wonders never cease!) the same thing LoRay ends up telling them (that the spirit of a disfigured handicapped boy is "drawn" to the autistic child.)

i'm sure no one in PRS or in AE production mentioned ANY of that to Loray. RyRy quite distinctly told us that he hadn't told LoRay anything and that she had no prior knowledge. i think tony spera must have driven there using Loray's psychic abilities, to not have an address of the house!

once again we have one single family member quite likely having some psychological influence over other family members -- what with having told all of them something paranormal or bad is going on - her son, her mom, her sister.

i wonder if the sister has ever researched sleep paralysis.

no - no! of course not!!! it was a ghostly demonic vacuum cleaner toy coming out of a cold evil closet!!!!

quick! call in LoRay (and her trusty assistant-slash-chauffeur Tony Spera!)

gosh, i think the scariest part was when the LOOSE headboard that katrina WAS LEANING AGAINST moved! i got chills, i tell ya!

at the end, ryry and his trusty team of tender-hearted yet often tentative troopers...make that "warriors" --- do some sort of a cleansing, or spell, or whatever it is that they do at the end of most episodes and voila! the family moves back into their home! (prior to contacting PRS, the family had supposedly 'abandoned' the home due to the extent of the paranormal activity, though the home looked quite well lived in and taken care of to me.)

happy endings are always the fruit of PRS' labor! the warriors triumph over evil yet again!!


anyone who lurked or participated at the AE PS forums for the first 10 months or so from the show's dec. 2007 airing will remember a particular poster......

in a different entry below, i said:

both ryan and chipples have just pooh-poohed the whole thing off.

well, not so much chipppers, he's sounding pretty riled

and is threatening libel lawsuits.

now who does THAT remind us of kiddies??????

just thought i'd show who i was referring to in that little insider-aside, and this is a very small sampling of many, many similar posts by psfan512 (pnsfan, pmsfan, chip??):

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Re: How can this show be made better?

Jan 5, 2008 7:04 PM

Actually, Tommy, you cannot say (or write) whatever you want, according to the laws that protect persons from libel, slander and defamation of character.

If, in any manner, you damage an individual's reputation or income by something spoken or written -- and malice can be proven -- there are grounds for legal action.

And regardless of how anyone on this board views me, those words are 100% FACT!

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Re: How can this show be made better?

Jan 5, 2008 6:53 PM

I advise you to exert extreme caution with naming names and making further comments that you may regret.

Speaking of lawsuits, some of the people you are naming may come after YOU!

I have made Ryan Buell, Chip Coffey and Lorraine Warren aware of the comments posted about them on this message board.

And if you think that your "hidden identity" cannot quickly be discovered, think again.

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Re: How can this show be made better?

Jan 5, 2008 7:34 PM

I'm not at all suggesting that people cannot or should not take potshots at this (or any) TV program, book, CD, etc.

Yes, I happen to like PS and I am on this board to present an opposing viewpoint to those who malign the show. That is my privilege.

What is not appropriate -- or legal -- is maligning the reputation or character of individuals by spoken or written words.

No matter how you (or anyone else) tries to spin it, that's a FACT!

And if you don't think that a greedy lawyer would take the case, you're mistaken.

As for your assumption that most people hate the show, that's not necessarily so. Just because the people who like the show aren't haunting message boards does NOT mean that the show is lacking in loyal, appreciative fans.

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Re: How can this show be made better?

Jan 5, 2008 7:16 PM

You completely miss my point here, Tommy!

People on these boards have slammed, belittled and made crude innuendos about many of the people on PS. Those are NOT mere opinions. Those are potentially damaging remarks and they are most assuredly considered libelous.

Now, will Ryan, Chip or Lorraine pursue lawsuits? That's left up to them to decide.

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Re: Canceled?

May 1, 2008 1:27 PM

instead, they just threaten to sue the big boys every chance they get. and all for simply joking about pink ponies and neverland ranch.

Maligning and libeling the character of others is never simply a joke!

It's serious business. Morally and legally!

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Re: Canceled?

May 1, 2008 1:45 PM

I may not be extremely well-versed about internet laws...

but I know a team of lawyers who are!

And certain issues are flying high on their radars right about now!

Ignorance is correctable, but stupidity is a lifelong affliction.

I love my "mystick" friends!

More of my deleted AE paranormal state forum stuff

these are from the same topic as the eric leven post below:

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Re: Get Ready For More Truth!

Nov 13, 2008 3:41 PM

chipples also states on his blog that michelle B never called him a fraud and that she has stated as much in public.

supposedly her public statement stopped the chip-dissers "dead in their tracks". (he never denies an argument at kelli's, just reiterates that michelle never called him a fraud)

where and when was this public statement???

and i hear that chippy tried to get the ghost divas to never speak about him again -- offering to talk with them if they would drop it once and for all and evidently they refused.

his words and actions sure don't sound like those of a wrongly accused innocent victim to me!!!!


Chip is so psychic, he never ceases to amaze me. He's right next to the stairs, and he asks if there's an upstairs.
PRS' disclaimer: "The data & evidence collected does not prove that any of the paranormal exists or in any way is evidence of the paranormal."
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Re: Get Ready For More Truth!

Nov 13, 2008 2:34 PM

Chip is in complete denial at his blog. He wants everyone to believe the show is 100% real.

yes indeed.

and he obviously doesn't like the points that i made about his blog statements below, cause it keeps getting deleted.


on chipples blog, he PMSfan's his way all over the kelli bidness!!!

these two whoppers stand out to me:

...Kelli Ryan enjoyed a bit of "celebrity" due to her appearance on a popular television show...she's a
never-wrong psychic, a member of Who's Who, an upstanding member of her community, a would-be author who intends to write a book about her experiences, etc. Kelli is blatantly seeking attention and publicity, plain and simple!


I NEVER know the names of the clients or any other information about them.

that is a complete lie.

he has to -- at the very LEAST -- have an address to drive to the set!!!!!!

he seriously wants us to believe that he's "sequestered" and kept away from the cast and crew prior to his arrival on set, yet he has himself admitted, in online responses to others who've mentioned how scripted PSBS obviously is, that he has meetings with producers and/or PRS prior to filming!!!!!

as proven by what he wrote on a skiffy forum.....

at one point, chipperdoo is defending himself and the show against its having been scripted.

he states: I am kept sequestered from the cast and crew until I conduct my initial walk-through assessment with Ryan Buell, the Director of PRS.

Nothing on the show is "scripted" ... although we DO sometimes decide (strategize) beforehand how best to handle certain elements of the case we are working on.


so chip's supposedly in the dark, but they "sometimes" strategize beforehand about certain elements of the case they're working on.

good to know.

Chip is so psychic, he never ceases to amaze me. He's right next to the stairs, and he asks if there's an upstairs.
PRS' disclaimer: "The data & evidence collected does not prove that any of the paranormal exists or in any way is evidence of the paranormal."

Chip Coffey and Eric Leven

you know, it's so amusing that when kelli ryan brought all of that shenanigans-on-the-set info up a couple of months ago, chip claimed not to even know who eric leven is .

chip continued to proclaim his ignorance about who eric leven could possibly be on a recent podcast interview where chip was regaling the audience with lots of bawdy-but-unoriginal commentary about a name the interviewers had called him:


well, if the name fits...

anyhoo -

i recalled posting something at AE right after i read that months ago and here it is (i had to pull the google cache cause AE deleted the original, of course.)

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Re: Get Ready For More Truth!

Nov 13, 2008 5:52 PM


here's another interesting tidbit -- on his blog, chipperdoo states that he "doesn't even know anyone named eric leven".

i must say, i'm quite surprised that chippy doesn't know him.

i googled eric leven and in about 5 minutes found that -- eric is a filmographer, a gay activist, has been on outQ, graduated from penn state, worked at MTV on several of their projects, worked on several movies and was a 2008 casting producer on PSBS:







Chip is so psychic, he never ceases to amaze me. He's right next to the stairs, and he asks if there's an upstairs.
PRS' disclaimer: "The data & evidence collected does not prove that any of the paranormal exists or in any way is evidence of the paranormal."

Now THIS is ironic....

I started to put stuff on this blog as a reaction to the rampant censorship that follows anyone around who isn't on the PRS Party Bus. I wanted to show support for the people who have been speaking out against the ubiquitous flim-flam going on in paranormal television shows like Paranormal State, Psychic Kids and Ghost Hunters.

I have talked about the censorship that is fairly common at the actual A$E forums. They have always been pretty strict with anything which involves expressing opinions on the motives and measures used by a few of their paranormal TV "stars" -- the entire PRS Paranormal Posse.

Now it would appear that someone, could have been any one or number of the posse OR the rabid fan base, has pushed A$E into an actual LOCKDOWN of all three of the PRS forums. No one can post without prior moderation.

It's interesting to note that they left the Psychic Kids forum unlocked -- probably because it's suffered such a lack traffic since the show ended (and who can NOT appreciate the end of that show and its child exploitation for Chip Coffey's career). They must have wanted to push people onto that forum to give Chip a boost. I guess he's been having a tough time of it lately what with all of the blogs and groups really getting into the spirit of speaking out against his media whoooring diva self.

So, this black cloud of censorship that follows folks who dare speak out against PRS, Chip Coffey, Lorraine Warren, Chris Moon and any number of the other PRS Paranormal Posse around is now hovering over the A$E forums in force.

What's really ironic is there are several A$E shows which generate serious controversy, but it's Paranormal State and Psychic Kids "stars" who can't handle the jabs and jeers that their melodramatic and sophomoric efforts have inspired in a majority of the viewing public.

It's gonna be interesting to see what kinds of lame things they come up with in their next set of shows -- what's gonna top the most recent Chip channelings, possessions, UFOS and possessed musical intsruments???

How much lower CAN they go?