Saturday, June 6, 2009

the "Drowning"

i caught the "Drowning" ep on youtube -- guess what, they have a new "guest investigator"! He's a former 'client' Jimmie from "Family Ties". A guy who is writing a book, or he already written it and is now trying to sell it.

Isn't that just speshul!

Wow, opening scene -- The whole family is standing outside in the rain when PRS arrives at 2 in the afternoon "because the activity has been so high".

I don't suppose the producers asked them to stand out there for dramatic effect or anything.

Two more very young children getting exploited - sickening.

Way to go PRS and A$E. Way to validate young childrens' fear and probably scare them even more in the process.

The sister 18 year old Gabrielle is the one who saw a boy with purple lips in her window. Guess what -- she was over posting at the AE forum, along with at least 3 brand spanking new posters who "saw something" in a window during playback of one of the scenes. She is stating in no uncertain terms that "It's a spirit" and she's getting in touch with Ry-Ry. More about that below.

Michelle Belanger immediately somehow knows that water is involved and a male presence is around. Sigh.


**begin bellaboo's version of an absurd paranormal play that actually aired on TV.**

Ry-Ry: "i command you to come forward now!"

Katrina: "All we need is one really loud sound."

Jimmie: "And we will leave you alone."

Yeah, right Jimmie -- it's Dead Time, remember?

Of course next we next hear some sort of rustling. remember, the whole A$E camera crew is in there with the PRS peeps, who are all miKed. What a shock that they capture sounds on cue.

Ry-Ry: "There's something up with the thermal cam."
We see a completely zoomed in area with no frame of surroundings reference whatsoever.

Ry- RY: "It's pulsing! Why is it pulsing? I think there is something behind the bathtub (curtain)!"

Tense PULSING heartbeat music...slow, dramatic hand reaches out for the revealing pull back.....hold it, hold it.....wait for it.....

Ry-Ry: "Nothing." "Alright, end of dead time."

Whew -- I was shaking in terror I tell you.

Surge explains the pulsing thermal cam effect.

Ry-Ry: "So it's not paranormal."

HOLY HOTBEDS of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY! They're getting the hang of the debunking thing!

**end bellaboo's version of an absurd paranormal play that actually aired on TV.**


anyhoo --

Pam the prior owner knows about a 2yr old drowning.
Kristina does "historical research" and the person helping her gets ONLINE and pulls up an article about a 13 year old drowning trying to save his brother. ]
The show chooses to blur out the article content/author and just show the headline. "13 year-old feared drowned in river"

FANTABULOUSLY SERIOUS PRS REGROUP discussion ensues where surge looks up the info ONLINE about a 3yr old drowning in 1989 "3 year-old drowns in South Creek".

Next they discuss the 1991 death of the 13 year old who jumped in to save his 15 year old brother.

Did I mention that all of this info is obviously from ONLINE?

Ry-Ry director's logs his way into stating that he's gonna need to discuss the PRS "findings" with the family, but we're interrupted by the little boy sensing a "presence" and being very afraid, even in a house full of people. They make him go to show them where he felt something. He's afraid and wants to leave.

The mom starts having an "episode" of some sort. The mom feels light headed, headachey and starts crying (in front of everyone including her kids)

Dramatic Director's Log break-in -- Ry-Ry informs us in his best capt. kirk tin-can voice that he needs to call in child psychologist Athena Drewes (remember her?!) due to the boy's "intense reaction" and the mom's "emotional response".

POOF! IMMEDIATELY = there's Athena! Asking the boy if he ever just tells them (the ghosts or the parents? :) ) to go away.

Athena sagely advises Ry-Ry: "He is very sensitive to his parent's feelings and reactions as kids are."

DUH!!!! YA THINK!?!?!?!

Now, this section of the show is where we are supposed to see the spirit in a door window that was brought up by no less than 3 brand new posters at A$E.

He is interviewing the child psychologist about her thoughts on the kid who keeps seeing the ghosts. There is a side door to the house in the background behind her and something appears in the bottom left corner of the window in the door. It appears very briefly as if to make a face at the camera and the run off.

I saw absolutely nothing other than Ry-Ry's shadow (He was pacing back and forth while she was talking) I played it back 3 times. Nothing.

Stupid ghosts. Evidently I can't see them in person OR on camera.

HOLY DEAD TIME! Ry-Ry, based on Ms Drewes advice, actually tells the parents something I've been pointing out all along, along with every other sane, rational person who has ever bothered to watch this show -- that the kids in these "cases" are getting cues from at least one parent around them.

HOLY PINK PONIES! We have PRS debunking AND offering plausible psychological factors for a "haunting" in a couple of the latest PS episodes.

I think i'm going to faint.

Ry-Ry wraps it all up and gives the kids walkie talkies and says empowering the boys by having them investigate may get rid of their fear or something like that (yay future PRS members! recruit those youngsters for the cult, RY-RY!)

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