Saturday, June 6, 2009

"lady vampire"

aka - a child experiences typical childhood night terrors after a trauma (divorce, loss of father in the home). oh wait, that wouldn't make for good television.

i watched the DVR of this episode, it almost seemed to me like they DIDN'T show the child as much as they did in the original that was on youtube (ie, they used far away shots and back views)

lawsuit or not (apparently lawsuit according to someone who claims to be the mother from the episode who was featured at i guess someone involved is starting to understand just how much people do NOT like to see young children exploited.

as for the scary attic crawlspace -- what child WOULDN'T find that scary???!!!! give me a BREAK. plus, there was a big ole honkin' water heater in there and i'm here to tell you that water heaters can make some noise. not to mention possibly give off EMFs.

that child was simply experiencing things that children everywhere have frequently at some point in their youth -- nightmares.

stress (like a bitter divorce and/or the loss of a parent) could certainly make the nightmares worse.

any psychologist worth their salt should have let that be known immediately. so i guess sarah sibasku with all of her leading questions to the child isn't worth her salt.

hey - who could resist the touching swingset scene where ry-ry bares his soul and lets us all know how much he appreciates being a warrior! i had to run and get a spit in.

enter the psychic!
CJ Sellers proclaims "this is a child's room".
well yeah, what gave it away, the giant pink stuffed animal and/or the other toys?

ry-ry is wearing the shakti hat and says he hears humming.
why yes, ry-ry! it's the EMFs frying your brain!

sergey rubbing ry-rys back while he upchucked was so.....touching. and visions of pink ponies danced in his head.

once again we have the recurring PRS tactic of using a family that is obviously dealing with psychological issues and/or trauma -- and once again there is NO physical evidence of anything paranormal but ry-ry proclaims there is indeed a vampire lady haunting the little girl.

they yell at the black-haired, no make that saltnpeppa-haired entity - and voila! it goes away!

oh brutha.

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