Tuesday, June 9, 2009

WARRIORS who HELP people

anyone who's been following the paranormal media saturation for a couple of years (a plethora of paranormal programming) will notice the accompanying rash of "events" and conventions that go hand-in-hand with paranormal "stardom".

people who do these TV shows create and/or participate in money-making gatherings of all sorts across the country.

the ever-enterprising ryan buell has recently teamed up with chad calek (or chad has fortuitously latched onto ryan buell) for a MOVIE. they're calling it "american ghost hunters". stop your eye-rolling. stop it! you must read on!

now, chad has been hosting these paranormal posse shindigs for some time now -- as the organizer, i'm sure he makes a hefty little kickback.

but just check out what those money-sniffing little hounds at PRS (and now AGH) have lined up in the coming months:


in june, some riverboat gambling/birthday bash thing in Iowa

in july, some bullshit in selma alabama "hunt for jesse james"
with shpeshul guest chip coffey doing 'gallery readings' - ooo la la!

in august, "dead and breakfast" at the thomas house inn in tennessee
(michelle, chip AND loray are gonna be at that one)

in september, something about "deadwood" and the bullock hotel -- i see chip's pic on that flyer, too.

in october, in colorado -- the stanley hotel

i don't have the ticket prices handy - but what do you want to make a bet they're hefty? most past events are usually WELL over $200. interestingly enough, they never seem to put the ticket prices where they're easily found.

i guess seeing those kinds of prices right off the bat might scare the poor paranormal sheeple worse than chip cursing his demon speak at little old lorraine warren (LoRay).

wow, those warriors. they sure do love "helping" people. (right out of their hard-earned cash)

it's interesting how they especially enjoy helping people who run hotels and entertainment venues.

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