Saturday, June 6, 2009

"room and board"

i must say, there are two SHOCKERS in this episode:
1) ry-ry actually says their findings are INCONCLUSIVE!
2) they are apparently NOT using a client who is dealing with psychological or other traumatic issues.

wow! so -- inconclusive -- even with all of those people pushing....i mean, lightly touching that ouija pointer around, and even with psychic michelle B's proclamation of "weird heavy energy" filling the place. i guess she's no chip, so ry-ry must not take her word for stuff as easily as he does chip's.

i loved how they waited to "shut the door" when they were outside, in the daylight. WTF??

dreamy deep moment of profound purpose: the shirtless warrior on his ry-ry cam stating "fear is here." can't you just see the fainting groupies!

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