Sunday, August 23, 2009

they hired skepbitch as a psychic

you have to love the money-grubbing psychic networks. they'll take anyone who's willing to scam the masses...even a skeptic.

well, she wasn't trying to scam the masses, she was making a point about the credibility of the psychic industry.

also see skepbitch's "letter to a psychic."

i love skepbitch's reply:

Owning a phone sex hotline in conjunction with a psychic hotline isn’t what makes a psychic hotline questionable. It’s that the psychic hotline company and operators think they’re “psychic” that’s questionable.

The bottom line is, I was offered a contract by Absolutely Psychic, but I am not psychic.

As you say, Absolutely Psychic contract “TESTED PSYCHICS” only, and by passing their tests and being offered a contract, I am one of those. By their own admission, I am one of those ‘true psychics’, the “1%” to whom they offer contracts. But I am not a psychic.

As easily as I passed the company’s tests, without being psychic, I could have maintained the ‘marriage’ of the contract.

It’s exactly what you do, but you call the psychology, the advice, the comfort, the guesswork, the friendliness, the speculation, the amateur counseling, the unqualified therapy, and ‘being around the block’ by another word… “psychic”.

If we consider the paranormal definition of psychic, no “psychic” has ever demonstrated that they are psychic.

In your email, you’ve judged the worth of the company by its treatment of its staff, the pay, and the perks, rather than the validity of the very trade; or in this case, the invalidity of the trade.