Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Hazards of Commenting on Fringe Woo Blogs

as a rule, i tend to not even bother trying to comment on blogs that are outrageously paranormal in nature. i'd get banned before i could finish typing my screen name.

luckily, thanks to a backlash from the paranormal community against the insult-to the-paranormal-community done by shows like "paranormal state", "ghost hunters" and "psychic kids", there are actually paranormal-ish blogs out there which actually espouse critical thinking and skeptical lines of questioning.

a few of these are: TiPS, WhoForted, the ghost divas, and ghosttheory (see below).

what's interesting to me is that i've now been reprimanded and/or "banned" from commenting at two of those above mentioned blogs (TiPS and ghosttheory) for my openly sarcastic and skeptical comments about the articles these blogs present.

it's pretty sad, because i'm about the most mild-mannered skeptic in a public internet discussion you're likely to find. it's also pretty ironic, because the PN believers at the two sites i was banned from are the ones who tend to wax abusive, end up looking like idiots, and then complain to the admins of the website that i was mean to them or i 'attacked' them.

the woo-wielders (and TV producers/networks) who benefit the most monetarily from keeping skepticism out of paranormal vs skepticism discussions must certainly be pleased that there are so many good little woo soldiers who are so helpful at keeping skeptics from contributing to even semi-skeptical paranormal discussions.

(woo soldiers - gnarly little chihuahuas - are the ones who incessantly flame-bait and wax abusive during online discussions and/or whine to admins that they're going to stop posting - or are afraid to post - due to the big bad mean scary skeptics) harbors an example of the latest exchange which caused me to be reprimanded.

perhaps i should've just taken a page out of the funny skeptical retort that i quoted in another entry and spit the abuse back at the woo soldier using their own post as a template.

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  1. meh, whachagonnado....

    Letum have their ghost stories, scare each other and then go give their money to sylvia brown and chip coffey. it would be nice to know if anyone ever benefitted from posts that promote critical thinking at these sites though.