Wednesday, August 5, 2009

psychics 'investigating' famous "haunted" spots

don't you just love it when psychics show up to 'investigate' well-known places and/or events?

for example, "haunted" hotels like the St James Hotel / Old Depot Museum and the U.S. Hotel Rest-aurant and Tavern.

i bet google is their friend.

man, it's a win-win situation! the hotel/commercial business owners gets killer free publicity and the ghost hunters get some seriously already-gone-over material.

plus, they get to charge lots of money for these "hunts" when they invite the general public along and everyone makes money!! (except for the general public - i guess some people like to gamble, some like to give their money to charity, and some like to line the pockets of paranormal poppy-cock peddlers.)


  1. I've been thinking about that too. These "haunted" inns and the like are like theme park attractions, same ride and sites everytime 'cept more expensive and less thrilling I'm sure. But hey!, ya get to hang out with frauds and wackos!

  2. i just ran across a this little tidbit -- looks like ryan-and-the-moneysnatchers are filming episodes for a new season.

    oh, the joy. can't you just see the podpeeps quivering with excitement?

    and guess what? guess!!!
    this one features a...haunted hotel!

    i am waving my psychic wand over my psychic beer mug - i mean crystal ball - and i see yet another $$$ PRS field trip $$$ in the not too distant future! cha ching!

  3. These haunted hotel shows are all the same. I like the haunted trailer homes better. Each & every trailer park is unique in its suffering. Those hotels are a dime a dozen. But I guess you cant host an all expenses included field trip in a double wide.