Tuesday, August 25, 2009

chip coffey is so scary

i mean he's trying to be scary. he recently tweeted: "Internet bashers, beware! This sets a legal precedent!" and linked to this article.

man, i am sooo scared of chip coffey, scamming psychic skanks are the scariest!

epic OMG! wouldn't you just love to see chip coffey sue someone! talk about setting legal precedents...think of all the "psychic kids" whose parents could then turn around and sue chip. think of all the people who could sue chip and ask for their wasted money back!

anyhoo, perhaps chip didn't read this part of the article:

If simply calling Cohen a "skank" online is ruled to be defamation, it may open the door for more litigation against the hordes on Facebook, Twitter, and the like who loudly hurl insults at celebrities and one another. In fact, if simply calling someone a name on the Internet is grounds for legal action, some of the commenters on this site are guilty of defamation. But don't worry, we won't be taking legal action against you, no matter how many times you call us stupid, ignorant, or things that we can't repeat.

plus, it looks like the unveiled blogger is fighting back.


  1. scary scamming psychic skank-sac fraudulent prick -- has a nice ring to it!

  2. oh look! it's red, chip's knight in shining armor!
    how much does chip pay you to go around the internet attempting to 'save' him, red? i hope it's not much, cause you're not doing a very good job.

  3. Well red, if I'm the bag, you're most certainly the douche. Used douche. All tired and worn out used douche. I should prolly purge you. Oh! But that's how you got here to begin with. You were purged spluge. Hey when I see a reference for PS, ya think that might stand for purged spluge instead of paranormal state. I don't know how anyone could tell the difference.

  4. now, now "red". chip won't like the fact that you're going around on the internet anonymously calling people names. chip REALLY has issues about that.

    AUJT, i've deleted your initial comment due to chip's issues -- cause we're so scared of him and all. still, it'll always be skanky in chipsville. hey, does "purged spluge" equal urological blockage or cause it?

  5. Did I call psychic fraud, Chip Coffey a fraud? I didn't mean to do that. I meant to call him much much worse.

    Coffey is simply trying to scare people into not speaking out against him and I can't understand how or why they think that Coffey could win a lawsuit against people saying that they are confident that he does not communicate with demons and dead people. LOL! Coffey: "I *do to* talk with dead people and then I put on a demon mask and furiously pound on my computer trying to figure out how to pronounce AUJT". Really! Look at his Twit Pics.

    Chip, you think a stupid congressman can wrongly yell "YOU LIE" at the president of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA in the capitol of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA without legal consequence but no one can, very accurately, call you a liar without being legally silenced? You're a liar AND an idiot. Oh yeah, and a skank ass FRAUD! Stop trying to Bully people Coffey! You are a coward!

  6. I wonder how many people downing this Coffey charactor have actually met and know the guy that they could hate him with such vigor. In saying that though the internet is just a different medium of free speech and people cannot be sued or locked up for voicing their opinion especially if there is proof that there is some merit for their opinions. People are getting so crazy about entertainment and the entertainers who provide it. If you don't like listening or seeing the guy or watching PS than just don't. The Hills and Gossip girl make me want to gag so I don't watch them. Carefully pick up your remote and change the channel folks.

  7. At a friend's urging, we went to see Chip Coffey in his Coffey Talk tour. What a waste of time and money! At best, Chip is an actor who gets "lucky" in communicating with spirits and is no psychic. If you're charging an audience to bear witness to your psychic abilities, then you better be somewhat accurate and better have something worthwhile to say! Chip's attempt at reading people from the audience was way off and not accurate at all! It was very unsettling to watch people trying to make his "readings" fit them. Sadly, people want to believe in it so badly that they'll try and make his readings fit, no matter how way off they are. At the end of the show we were able to stay and "investigate" the haunted facilities. What that entailed was shutting the lights out and Chip taking 2 small Mag Light flashlights, a red one and a purple one, and turning them so that they are in between on and off. He would then try to communicate with whatever spirits were in the facilities. This is where the show went from lame to ultra lame. It was a joke! The flashlights came on at random, regardless of whether or not he was asking questions. What a joke!! I was embarrassed for Chip -- and his crew. And he was too. He knew the show he delivered was lame.