Friday, August 14, 2009

bellaboo as a screen name

heh, i just googled "bellaboo" and there are tons of "bellaboos" out there.
(the one who called herself "whore face" on myspace certainly caught my attention)
i've only used this screen name to make a comment here and there on blogs and to participate at the AE forum - i think there was one other forum also (i was banned from that one for making fun of psychics, evidently one of the regulars was an overly-sensitive sensitive.) i've never used this screen name to sign up on any social networking site, so no - i'm not "whore face" or any of those lively bellaboos. i'm not the crafty bellaboo nor the childrens' books bellaboo, either.

if i could be any of them, i think i'd pick "whore face" cause she seems the most interesting!

ironically enough, i thought i had made the "bellaboo" name up in december 2007 when i off-the-cuff signed up at the A$E forums to join in the "paranormal state" fun-poking frenzy.

i was trying to come up with something that i would remember easily for that site: it was "bella" (for belgian beer, a libation that i rather enjoy) and "boo" for something "scary" (like the idea that anyone takes that show seriously).

alas, apparently i wasn't very original.

there are quite a few "bellabootoo"s out there as well.

well, i appreciate anonymity on the internet so it's really not a bad thing having lots of different people using the same SN as me. for even more anonymity, i suppose i should have picked "bob".

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