Saturday, October 31, 2009

ye ole A$E Forum Funnies

I just loved the old A$E forum funnies -- people were actually allowed to make fun of A$E's "paranormal state" show when the show first came out (12/07)

myself, i think someone involved with the cast or crew became actively involved with the moderation of the A$E forums at some point, because once the overwhelming majority of negativity for this show became apparent, posts started disappearing.

back then - once this started happening, i started saving posts that i thought might get deleted. i think they're hilarious, and i'll post some, here and there, as YE OLE A$E PARANORMAL STATE QUIPS:


And what's with Ryan's personal demonquest?

Screw it, They should just rename this show "Ryan Buell The Demon Hunter" and just have him use the word "Bra" every third word.

I think we got a demon here, bra.


When my wife and I were watching we both thought ryan looked like Lance Bass from the NSync:)


>>if you are a true fan of A & E's programming, why would you believe that all of a sudden they would air total crap?<<

Because they did.


Ill watch next week. Looks like its gonna get really funny, gonna have a possession and everything!


Reply to what? It's not like they did any actual scientific studies. They just walked around and talked a lot. Well, Ryan, mostly. I think his demon is called EGO.


I actually find it fun watching just how corny they can get. Like really, how stupid does Ryan think his audience is?

I don't think you're looking at it quite right... he doesn't think the audience is stupid, he's just vastly more knowledgeable than they are... he is some sort of prophet type...


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  1. "Like really, how stupid does Ryan think his audience is?"

    Pretty stupid. Like when he makes comments about being attracted to girls when he is clearly in love with Sergey. If he is lying about his own life, hes probably lying about other things as well.