Thursday, October 8, 2009

Why Can't Psychics Be Specific???

i don't like the idea of wasting money on psychics.

religion and superstition are very funky bedfellows.

if you believe in god, and that this god had a son who "rose from the dead", i don't see how you would easily dismiss psychics.

because it's all just so unbelievable.

it's all six of one -- six six six of one? 666/1 = LOL

anyways, back to being SPECIFIC. why can't psychics be specific? why can't they ask their "spirit guides" specific questions?

why can't the audiences in some "chip coffey gallery" reading ask the questions and have the $200 *or more* "psychic medium" answer their exact questions?

what is a grandparents middle name?

what was a grandparent's pet's name?

what kind of food did a family member prefer or not prefer?

what did a family member like or not like about.....?

you get my drift.

any psychics' inevitable answer: "it doesn't work like that!!"

duh - oh.

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