Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mass Tragedy? Psychics = Useless

i was reading stephen packard's article about psychics and 9/11 - "as predicted: a psychic failure" - over at JREF. in the comments i read that sylvia browne was on larry king live on 9/3/2001 and john edward was on that show 9/10/2001.

i wonder if those two $eer$ of the Future have ever dared mention those little factoids on their websites...

you might ask "but where, oh where, was chip coffey?!"

well, according to chip's own bio, he was in the "travel industry" right up until the end of september 2001 end of 2001.

(oddly enough, many of chip's online press kit bios seem to be changing. ie, the "advanced degree in psychology/counseling" appears to be morphing into "a background in counseling"...gee, i wonder why?)

apparently THAT is when he became a charging psychic. right after 9/11. he was even featured in an article for some obscure UK woo tabloid doing a "reading" at ground zero for a grieving widow.

chip has bragged about this on his various internet press kits here and there online. (wow, that particular site must be pre-TV fame, he was only charging $49 for a reading.)

barf-worthy, isn't it?

here's some sick irony for you: chip recently proudly wrote "9/11 we will never forget" on his FB page. well, we'll never forget that you psychics couldn't manage to predict it. were all of the psychics' "spiritual guides" on holiday?

yes -- psychics and tragedies = very, very barf-worthy: they can't predict them, but they sure can try to profit from them afterwards.


  1. Let's not forget that there's a number of people who saved screenshots and .htm's of ALL coffey's web pages.

  2. 9/11 definitely proof that there is nothing to all of the psychic BS, not one of them even predicted a SINGLE plane crash that day, for pete sake with 4 of them, you'd think someone with those "powers" would have picked up on at least one-
    Great catch on Chips morphing bio's- loved the screen shot, It sure appears that was hiding something with his education, don't have to be a psychic to know something isn't right!