Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Even A$E Changed Chip's Bio

below i had pondered: (oddly enough, many of chip's online press kit bios seem to be changing. ie, the "advanced degree in psychology/counseling" appears to be morphing into "a background in counseling"...gee, i wonder why?)

turns out even A$E changed their chip bio. LOL!

old version:

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and click here for the new version.


  1. Will Chip Coffey comment on his *change* of heart regarding his *LIES* about his educational background? I'm sure he'll blame someone else for the "mistakes". Let's all watch and see.

    So, would you allow your children to be around a person who has claimed a masters degree in psychology when in fact they had NO degree in psychology whatsoever? Coffey's "counseling" experience is limited to giving cold readings on a psychic phone line I'll bet. He "counsels" people. Yeah, right. He'll BS you for what, $300.00 a half hour? What a scumbag... Tell us where you did your "counseling" Chip! You won't will you? Surprise me and be honest about something for once. Betcha can't.

    Perhaps A$E is at fault for misrepresenting coffey's credentials. Will they comment? I doubt it as they have made it standard operation procedure to misrepresent pretty much *EVERYTHING* on their network. "*Real life drama*" my ass. Someone in marketing must have read 1984 and got what they considered to be good ideas. Scumbags all...

    The paranormal research society, chip coffey, loraine warren et al and A$E, a marriage made where? Most certain not in heaven. Unless you consider heaven to be the ultimate rippoff. Then it kinda all makes sense.

  2. yeah, that's some hard-core background check AE must have done on chip.....NOT.

    chip's been posting on his bios online that he has an "advanced degree" and/or a masters degree since well before dec 2007 (when PSBS first aired) so AE would have gotten the info from him.

    all this is made even more interesting by the fact that according to folks who have called to verify, elmira college doesn't even offer an advanced psychology degree (i don't think they even offer a bachelors degree in psychology)

    perhaps chip rec'd his 'advanced degree' from the same place he received his ghost-hunters "certification" -- from his pal patti starr.

    maybe next he'll get a demonology degree from LoRay.

    maybe ry-ry, chip and LoRay will start a ghost hunting/demon-exorcising college of their own.

    i say that in jest, but i wouldn't put it past them.

  3. (for anyone who doesn't realize -- LoRay is lorraine warren, ry-ry is ryan buell)

  4. TFF -- A$E has actually changed the bio for chip AGAIN since i made this entry.

    now A$E is featuring several MORE psychics
    (to distract from the chip's education claims fiasco??)

    i look forward to learning more about the new psychics that A$E is touting. :)