Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chip Coffey isn't Scary, He's Scared!

recently the guys at did an "interview" with chip coffey.
well, it wasn't much of an interview, because chip didn't really answer anything in a forthright manner.

at some point, chip is asked about whether he's ever assisted in finding missing persons or assisted the police in some way. he gives some vague non-answer, but then goes on to say that He Can't Help Because He'd Be Putting His Life On the Line.

(wouldn't you know -- this latest chip claptrap contradicts what he states on his own website, and i quote: "I frequently consult with both victims' families and law enforcement agencies on unsolved murder and/or missing persons cases." just FYI, that statement is right under his "I have an advanced degree in Counseling/Psychology" claim.)


i recently read some comments online from someone who has apparently had it with chip's never-ending "You Anonymous Bloggers Better Look Out!! Defamation!! Libel!" nonsense (interesting to note that chip doesn't appear to have a problem with the HUNDREDS of people who are critical of him who use their actual names, just the anonymous ones. AND he doesn't appear to hold the same standard of "anonymous posters are cowards" to his own little cadre of chihuahuas who follow him around online and spew ad hominem attacks at anyone who is critical of coffey and his methods.) well, this person, enigma, was quick to point out the hypocrisy of chip coffey being too afraid to put his life on the line for missing children/murder victims.

i'm going to post enigma's reply from the excellent article here because it's such a good one. i hope enigma doesn't mind!

i'm going to start looking into this whole Psychic Detective crap in the near future anyway, so this is a great starting point.

Enigma says:
September 10, 2009 at 12:19 pm

I recently read an interview with Chip Coffey in which he stated (and I am paraphrasing here!) that he would NOT be interested in offering his assistance in any type of case that could possibly open himself up to some crazy person setting their sights on him for solving cold cases or missing persons, etc.

So, he has essentially laid the foundation for explaining why he has not and will not make any type of predictions or statements about unsolved murders, missing children, etc. I find it rather humorous that when it is convenient for him to claim that he is afraid or concerned for his own personal safety (due to all of the nut jobs out there), that he grabs a hold of that security blanket and expects everyone to simply accept his position on it.

While I understand where he is coming from, it is entirely hypocritical of him to make such a statement(in my opinion), especially when he has demanded (several different times) to know my real name so that he could send all of his psycho “fans” after me for speaking my mind about him and his fraudulent activities.

How convenient is it for you to whine about your own personal safety, Chip—yet you demanded to know my identity, wanting ME to possibly risk MY safety and my family’s safety by opening myself up to all of the whack jobs out there on the internet….You called me a “coward” and told me to “man up” and made all sorts of other antagonistic comments demanding to know my name.

Perhaps it is YOU who should “man up” and stop being such a “coward” and “IF” you really do have “psychic” abilities, maybe YOU need to drop a pair and actually do some good with your so called gift. Why wouldn’t you want to be self-less and help a missing or abducted child find his or her way home? Why wouldn’t you want to be the one to solve an old murder case and help a family find some much needed closure?

Why wouldn’t you want to do your civic duty and give back to your fellow man as well as your community by assisting law enforcement in such a manner? I’ll tell you why: Because you are a FAKE, a total FRAUD and you lack the one true weapon that has probably escaped you your entire life: COURAGE.

In the end, I think that pretending to fear for his “safety” is just an excuse for Coffey to steer clear of situations where he can be put on the spot for giving false/erroneous information via his bogus “readings”. It is self-preservation on many levels for him, period.

re: You called me a “coward” and told me to “man up” and made all sorts of other antagonistic comments demanding to know my name. i just want to mention that chip (and/or his followers) have used these same exact tactics with anyone who criticizes him anonymously.

it's exceedingly ironic that chip is always in such histrionics over his anonymous critics. i mean, he's a psychic, right? he says so right on his website: "...I am able to forecast future events with substantial accuracy by tuning into messages that I receive from my Spiritual Partners in the Higher Realms."

i guess his Spiritual Partners don't give a crystal ball about who's criticizing/laughing at him.

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  1. He is such a creepy bastard! I remember seeing him on that Psychic Kids show and he SCREAMED pedophile. He'd get these attractive pre-teen/teen girls to sit on a bed with him in the dark, as well as other very creepy pedo-situations and facial expressions. He convinced a little girl to scream at the ghost who she kept on seeing outside of her classroom window. Gee, that wouldn't completely ruin the kid's life, now would it? They probably spent 5 times as much money on fixing the kid's head afterward as they did on getting Chip's "professional opinion".

  2. Chip's little pathefic world is slowly falling down around him. Recently he had a lawyer send a C&D letter to SciFake saying among other things that he had litagation pending for "comments to that site." WTF indeed.

  3. I don't get the pedo vibe from him lol. I do however get the creepy vibe in the sense that he's so obviously exploiting children with behavioral problems. I know that not everything can be fixed or explained through modern science or psychiatry, but for the love of god, some of these kids issues are so glaringly obvious in the solutions.

    He's just so flippant and antagonistic when you see him on Paranormal State and Psychic Kids. And then when you see his outrageous online behavior where he acts like a 2 year old in the midst of a temper tantrum, you have to wonder about his sincerity.

    However, whatever he's doing seems to be enough to garner him thousands of fans and television appearances. People inexplicably buy into his antics and support him unconditionally. I really don't understand it. And quite frankly you can't sue someone for calling you fake psychic because you can't prove that you ARE a legit psychic.

    Not to mention how he intends on suing hundreds of anonymous people online. He doesn't even know their identity, which is the great irony of the whole situation, being that he's a supposed "psychic".

  4. I don't see the pedophile in him as many of the people that don't like him claim. I know in the show they talk about the paranormal and how most adults and children can sense these beings. I can't see spirits or in any case sense them, BUT I'm not going to sit and judge someone who supposively can see these things just because I can't. Those kid's parents were there on the show and should know, as parents, what they were doing. Just because a man tells me to sit right next to him on a bed DOESN'T mean the man wants to sexually Harris me. Chip kept his distance and he had to show feeling he would give a warm hug. HE I A PHSYCHOLOGIST! They know what to do if a person is feeling bad.

    1. Taking a few psychology classes does not make one a psychologist, he majored in ACTING....most actors take psychology classes, as it helps them to understand, and ACT out the character of people with different social and mental problems For if or when they are cast for that type of role.

      Now I wouldn't go so far as to say he does anything sexually inappropriate with children, but what he does is feed into psychological issues that need to be addressed by a professional, not to mention all the crap those kids are going to get handed after their neighbors and school mates see them on television talking and screaming to the air.

      I can only think that some of these children are either budding actors, or their parents are so desperate for a cash payoff they would sell their children to the devil, if they could make a buck on it.

      As for Chip himself, he is a Bully, plain and simple, it is like the horror movies where the school bully becomes the serial killer and goes back and does in all the kids (now adults) that taunted and tormented him/her in high school. Well Chip has perched himself so high on that wall of "look at me now" that he lobbies attacks on anyone who would try to bring him how a peg or two, Hitler, Napoleon, Saddam didn't physically mutilate and murder thousands of people, they had followers to do it for them. Chip doesn't attack people himself, calls for his fans to do it for him.

      And lets not forget his most famous threat of All "Legal action, liable and slander, we all know what that is really saying.....MONEY.... MONEY.... MONEY, as for his loyal followers...I have some ocean front property in Arizona, for sale.... only $250.00 for a 20 minute tour of the property via online... just log onto

  5. I am 45 yrs old and both my daughter and I have "a gift"...I don't really know how to explain it other than we can see things before they happen can see spirits,my daughter seems to be able to see the bad one's better than me,we have helped free of charge mind you,police solve a few cases they needed help with.However sometimes you just draw blanks which leads me to Chip,he never seems to be at a loss....anyone who truely has this gift knows you don't get a response every single time you look for one ....even though he seems too...I have often had concerns about him being around children and now with all the allegations at PSU and its football team it will not surprise me at all if he is involved in some way.....I am not accusing him mind you just stating an opinion,If he was atalented as he claims he would take the Chris Angel challange...I would love to if I could do it anonymous,because lets face it ...if anyone was to take it and would never have a moment of freedom....When Coffey wakes up he will find that he has done more harm by far than any good to anyone ....and I hope he is remorseful....but he will only be that when the pay checks stop coming in

  6. I'm so glad to see people finally coming forward to say how much of a fraud Chip Coffey is!!!! I'm so sick of this idiot hollering from his rainbow colored soap box about how amazing his psychic skills are and how he is second to none. God forbid someone else have psychic abilities. If another psychic starts getting noticed, Coffey will go out of his way to discredit them and then sick his groupies on them while claiming plausible deniability thereby maintaining his "my s**t doesn't stink" attitude. It's time to show others what he truly is.....A FRAUD!!!!

  7. I would have no qualms about my teenage daughter being safe with Chip; he'd be way more likely to show her several stylish ways to wear an official Chip Coffey scarf (available from his website, along with a "psychic protection" pak) than he would be to throw her down and ravish her.
    Also, Chip adores his late mother, who used to be a beautiful model! I find that endearing. He makes no mention of his father on his website. I can only surmise what Freud would have to say about that.

  8. Reap/Sow did a great parody of Chip Coffey's site at