Wednesday, May 5, 2010

BP can't think ahead ??

not withstanding the tragedy of loss of human life -- the environmental catastrophe is gut wrenching.

so there's this MASSIVE explosion in the gulf of mexico on a BP oil rig on april 20th....and we still don't know why (as of 7pm on 5/5/2010).

then there's the fact that it happened HOW LONG AGO (APRIL 20th) and there is STILL OIL LEAKING FROM THE WELL????

oh WAIT -- stop the presses -- as of about 45 mins ago BP has stopped ONE of the "three" leaks. yee haw.

i don't understand why an oil company with a working off-shore drill doesn't have an emergency plan in place and isn't ready to face an explosion tragedy of ANY magnitude. it seems like it would be a given in this post 9/11 era.

BP is just now, weeks later, stopping a leak...they didn't even have a capping box built for such an event??!!! WHAAAAT???

is anyone other than me gob-smacked by this idiocy?

if there really needed to be any further reason for any of us to buy a hybrid or electric or whatever alternative fueled vehicle, this is one biggie.

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  1. I wrote notes on this to myself in my bundles of papers i need to find. I've also been accused of being possessd XD