Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Haunted Hoax's Patrick Doyle says IT's OVER

the gluttony of paranormal television gobbling up the airwaves, that is.

according to patrick:

"...The Discovery network just seated a new GM and he plainly stated no more paranormal shows. All the programs that have come out in the last year have had terrible rating and killed any interest in new shows. This is across the board, from Discovery to A&E. Networks that were interested two months ago saw the latest ratings numbers and dropped all inquires. They stated, “Don’t even bother sending us anything in the genre because the answer is no. If you’re filming something now, stop.”

sad news for patrick himself but great news for everyone who is sick to death of these types of shows and their monopoly of television programming. i wish patrick the best with his writing endeavors -- his "haunted hoax" channel on youtube was/is a great tool in the fight against paranormal chicanery.

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