Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A$E is at it again with more "Paranormal State" and "Psychic Kids" episodes

i have not bothered to watch even one of the new episodes of either show but i see that the good funny folk over at "television without pity" are keeping up with the hilarity.

i hope the contributors there will forgive me for not attaching individual attributions to these, but here are some highlights of the latest PS episode's discussion:

Sex dungeon. Chip blindfolded in the sex dungeon. HEEEEEE!!!!!!!

I wish there were real demons, because I'd like to see one bitch smack the fat guy.

Chip was in a blindfold. In a sex dungeon. I can't believe someone didn't strap him to the cross.

I am convinced that at some point in his life, someone told Ryster,"Hey dude, you kind of sound like a girl". Something about his faux deep voice screams overcompensation

And sometimes, we are warriors.... who plant trees. And salt the earth.....we are warriors. We are gardeners. We are furniture movers.

Let's smudge it! Poor Elfie just wanted to jump in on that action, but i don't think she qualified as a real smudger to the Penobscot. "No weally, I can thmudge it. My pawenths are witcheth".

Came for the shared mockery of the Haunted Sex Dungeon (SERIOUSLY, A&E?) and everyone's favorite scream queen, leaving satisfied.

Boy-pushing ghosts! Sex toys! Chip screaming when he touches said toy!

Honestly? This show makes me want to kill my tv.

Ryan has become as much of a drama queen as Chip. "You all laughed, you're not taking this seriously, I'm taking my holy water and special limited edition exorcism book and going home!!!"

And was that Elfie with the goggles? What was she going to do, go to an Elton John concert when PRS was done investigating?

Elfie has gone steampunk!

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