Thursday, November 19, 2009

TV networks, production companies, ghost hunting groups and BACKGROUND CHECKS

i've mentioned that i'm really not much of a blogger - i get most of my info from other people. just today someone pointed out a story over at regarding a sexual predator ghost hunter, TAPS style.

i find the uproar a little bit annoying as well as a lot alarming. in no way am i supporting the criminals, rather i'm looking cockeyed at the spirits-among-us doe-eyed target market who are ready to welcome complete strangers into their homes in the name of "paranormal investigation." (this stuff has such cult markings. innocently gullible people who trust and believe "savior ghost hunter TV types")

anyhoo -- since when have the networks and/or the production companies ever done background checks on "reality" shows? i mean, a suspicious cast member might CLAIM that the networks do these (as chip coffey did when people were looking at him funny for pretending to be some kind of psychic leader of children) but if this were true,

A) would AE have publicly made a specific claim about chip's educational background (that he had a masters degree in psychology) and then later removed the statement?

B) would this guy have been allowed on set? oh wait, his background was "preacher". i suppose if you overlooked all of the other multitudinous "preachers" who turn out to be less than savory characters this guy might have slipped through.

C) wasn't there a talk show participant who turned out to be a murderous stalker type?

sorry - i can't remember specifics and don't feel like searching - after i see so much disgusting shite (murdered children, child abusers, terrorism) on the evening news (and on AE's family of networks) all of the whackjobs tend to blur together.

the question is: DO NETWORKS / PRODUCTION COMPANIES ACTUALLY DO BACKGROUND CHECKS on their chosen program participants (cast,crew and "clients")?

i wonder if some law firms might want to find out...

given all of the research these television production companies evidently do for the ParaWhoremal State shows (ie, let's get some good info for the psychics!) you'd think someone would be able to type in the law enforcement URL for predators and have a looksee. one can only hope. cause evidently they aren't on the hotseat like TAPS is, yet.

given all of the legal hoops networks make people jump through regarding non-disclosure and proprietary info -- the networks / production companies of these shows who go into the homes and lives of JQ Public really ought to have to make public legal statements to the effect that they've completed background checks on all cast members, and no one should be allowed to be on or participate in one of these "reality" shows without one.

OMG - the "docudrama" reality industry will crash.

now, there's a thought!

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