Friday, July 17, 2009

and speaking of psychics, these are quite entertaining!

flim flam the flim flammers!

this is from a TV show:

goofing on "psychic kids"

regarding the "psychic kids" spoof, - ya also gotta love the YouTube comments from the folks who obviously supported the child abuse that was "psychic kids". such words of wisdom:

this is really sad. i wish he wouldnt make fun of the kids. it's people like this that hurt the kids socially. people should be open minded and such about things like this. for all we know it could be real.


This guy's a jerk! I'm can sense ghosts and it's REAL! Jackass.

Well you know what? For every single one of those clips they showed, I saw the entire episode and they didn't even give the full story!!! For the kid with the tapping on the window his sibling slept in the same room, and as for the healing girl, she was able to guess another girl's blood disorder when they had only known each other for a couple hours and she hadn't said anything about her blood disease!

What the world needs not this kind of sarcasm and a channel called 'HATE by Numbers." Please, everyone, what is the use of "HATE?" Stop passing it around. Please.

i dont have time for all you normies who dont understand a bit wat we are going through try to tell ur mom ur phychic (happy i spelt it right?) and have her look at you funny

NORMIE! NORMIE! I SPY A NORMIE! It is not our fault that you are so closed minded, it's people like you whom gives your race a bad name. A very bad name, but hey, it's not my fault. I hope your child does not come to you stating that she has psychic abilites. Besides, leave everyone alone. Oh, have fun being out at midnight and 3-4 in the morning!

hey just beacuse i dont know how to spell correctly dosnt give you any right to say im not and i bet you don't know what spirit guides are without looking it up and now that you probably looked it up, i can talk to all of them and you have 6 of them ya i can read people but i really want to make you belive i am cuz i don't want any1 thinking i'm faking this crap.. i thought i was weird when i learned what i can do. peace

i could go on, but why bother?

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  1. Great selection of videos. I especially love George Bull & The Choclate Shop vid. I like the older psycgic claiming that he couldn't have gotten the name becaude "He needs classes." You'd think foresight and insight wouldn't need collective lenses.